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advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
Puzzled by Salesforce Lightning Knowledge?
22 Aug 2017

Knowledge is now available in Lightning Experience! It gives you a powerful and streamlined way to create and manage your knowledgebase articles. It works best for Salesforce orgs new to Knowledge because it requires just one article type and some data categories, and is used in single-language mode. See our educational short video series on..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
Financial Services Cloud + Community Cloud. A Perfect Combination.
15 Aug 2017

Financial Services Cloud + Community Cloud. A match made in wealth-management heaven. Why? We’ll tell you why. Financial Services Cloud includes a number of standard objects. Its main purpose is to enable the tracking of private wealth management and for collaboration with external consultants. It provides wealth managers with a separate secure communication channel with..

advanced communities
Connect your Website CMS to your Salesforce Community
08 Aug 2017

CMS Connect is a brand-new feature that works with the Napili template, Partner Central and Lightning Bolt Solutions, starting from Summer ’17. It’s designed for websites built in Adobe Experience Manager. However, if your website uses another CMS system, don’t give up hope! According to one of the groups on the Salesforce Success Community, the..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
Salesforce’s New Feature – Community 360
25 Jul 2017

Starting from Summer ’17, Salesforce allows support agents working in the Service Console to see information about which articles and cases customers have accessed. It’s always useful to know whether customers have seen all the relevant documentation and filed a case before contacting support. With this information to hand, support agents can improve the support..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
Lightning Knowledge Home Page
10 Jul 2017

To Access Knowledge in Lighting Experience, Create a Lightning Knowledge Home Page By creating a Lightning Knowledge home page, you’ll have everything you need in one place. When you are on the home page, you can author, manage, search and view articles in Lightning Experience. With standard user permission, any user can get access to..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
GetFeedback for Salesforce
25 Jun 2017

Did you know that you can do surveys in Community Cloud, get feedback, create community questionnaires and store the results on Salesforce, and then get a report, using standard Salesforce reports or dashboards? In order to do that, all you need is the free GetFeedback component which is available on AppExchange. Then create an account..

advanced communities
New and Amazing – AC Knowledge Component!
09 Jun 2017

Build your community knowledge base with our new AC Knowledge component! An effective knowledge base can help your support team a lot. It provides useful info for clients, partners, visitors and service agents. The AC Knowledge component for Community Cloud is an easy way to manage your company information and share it securely.   Your..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
Salesforce Summer ’17 Release Notes – Community Cloud Edition
08 Jun 2017

  So, Summer ’17 Release is around the corner, but some of you still haven’t read all the Release Notes? Is that true?! Yes, it is. Don’t even try to deny it! OK, here is your saviour – Salesforce Summer ’17 Release Notes (Community Cloud Edition). Why Community Cloud Edition? Because Community Cloud works best..

advanced communities
Service Console and Case Management with Salesforce Lightning
28 Mar 2017

Would you like to try something new and truly amazing? Of course you would! How about the Salesforce Service Console in Lightning Experience, now available in the Spring ’17 Release? I can feel your excitement. So, let’s start! The new Lightning Service Console is designed to be extremely useful for case management and deflection. The..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
Salesforce Lightning Knowledge New Features
23 Feb 2017

In this article, we will talk about Lightning Knowledge, its new features and its big future. So what is Lightning Knowledge? We all know that the Salesforce platform has a Knowledge product – a set of features suitable for creating and publishing articles, with data categories and topics, which is especially useful for Community Cloud…