Meet the Team
Stas Dunayev

Founder & CEO

Technology enthusiast with interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning.
MSc in Database Systems. Westminster University. 7x Salesforce Certificates.
Hobbies: walking around London, travelling, contemporary art, ticking the boxes in my to-do list.

Aleksey Sheldagaev

CTO, Salesforce Architect

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Certified
Salesforce Developer.Kids: 2 years old son
Interested in programming, cars (like fixing my car in garage to relax), space, music, ski, science, movies, video games
Goal: to visit as many places on the Earth as possible, make something valuable for humanity.

Marina Kozak

Community Cloud Consultant

Master’s Degree in Russian Language and Literature. Certified Salesforce Admin. Certified Community Cloud Consultant.
Interests: Russian literature, fitness, travelling, self-education.I like riding a bicycle in summer evenings along the river bank.Hope to buy a ticket to Mars someday.

Anatoly Savenko

Salesforce consultant

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. Graduated at 2016. Hobbies: programming, sports, fishing, music, guitar, chess, running.

Tristan Palmer

Business Development Manager

Business growth and technology enthusiast.
Interests: Customer acquisition. Customer success.
Earl Grey Tea, Beekeeping and collecting vintage electronics.

Dmitry Omelchenko

Salesforce consultant

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.
Certified Salesforce Developer and Admin.
Hobbies: cars, gadgets, big tennis, skis, travel.
Goal: being adventurous; having an exciting, stimulating life; to live for today;

Anastasia Khmelevaya

UX/UI designer.

Interests: design, travelling, visual arts, making things look beautiful.

Vasyl Sklepkovych

UX/Front-End developer

Interests: Travel around the world, establish own business, lots of Javascript, Angular, JQuery, CSS and HTML5.

Egle Pielikyte

Salesforce Admin.

Interests: self-expression, health & fitness, equality and my cat!
Certified Salesforce Admin and AppBuilder.

Ekaterina Sheldagaeva

Head of HR

Interests: music, singing, travelling.

Ilya Dunayev

Front End developer

Interests: travel, programming, movies, video games, books.Education: Machine Engineering College I want to build my own robot.