In Loving Memory of VisualForce…

Stas Dunayev, our director, a Community Cloud architect and a graduate of the Speaker Diversity Programme, took part in the second round of the Programme.
The event participants – Developers, Women in Tech, Salesforce MVPs and leaders of user groups – gathered in the shiny atrium on the 29th floor of Salesforce Tower to showcase their Lightning talks.

salesforce lightning bolt solutions

In his talk, Stas gave participants an introduction to creating Lightning Bolt community templates.

Lightning Bolt is a set of features for creating custom community templates and packaging them.

Packaging is important because soon the AppExchange will have a new, dedicated section for community templates. This opens up a lot of opportunities for developers, allowing them to create templates specific to different industries, such as finance and the non-profit sector. It will also allow developers to add some more interesting design features to standard community templates.
Creating a Lightning Bolt package is no different from creating a normal Salesforce package. You just need to include the theme, layouts and components along with other elements.

Receiving Your Salesforce Exam Results

I still remember my first Salesforce Administrator exam – weeks of preparation, fear and excitement. When the day came, I was pretty sure I would pass. However, I failed.

I had so many questions: ‘Where did I go wrong? Why? How do I know what was wrong? What do I need to do to prepare myself to try again?’ To retake the exam, I had to start all over again, because I wasn’t sure what topics I needed to concentrate on.

Ned Stark and Salesforce

Now, finally, Salesforce provides section-level feedback results! What a great relief for those who are taking certification exams, and especially if you are having to retake an exam.

In your certification result email, you will receive percentage scores for each section of the exam. Now, you can determine your weaknesses and work on them. The exam-level result will still be provided as PASS or FAIL.

Your Webassessor account will contain all the details you need in your completed exam history.

Please note: section-level scores are provided only for multiple-choice exams (except the Technical Architect – multiple-choice, beta, transition and release exams).

Also, section-level feedback is provided only for exams in English and completed after 13 January 2017.

More details about feedback results are available here:

Top Five Features For Salesforce Community Cloud. Salesforce Spring ’17 Release.

Audience Targeting for Pages and Groups

Audience Targeting for Pages and Groups

Personalise pages and groups in your community based on criteria, such as:

  • A user’s profile
  • Location
  • Record type

Select one or more criteria types to create basic or advanced targeting rules. Easily see who has access to each page or group with a quick, at-a-glance summary.

Audience targeting enables a unique experience for every user, and the ability to customise groups according to specific business needs, such as sales or service.

Google Analytics for Self-Service

Google Analytics for Self-Service

With advanced Google Analytics, understand the effectiveness of your self-service community on case deflection, through real-time data on how users use the community. Track the search keywords, discussions and articles most used to deflect cases, or what users have clicked on or viewed before a case is created. Get deeper insights on page view traffic by leveraging community dimensions, such as user ID, user type, or Salesforce objects.

CPQ and Wave for Lightning Partner Community

CPQ and Wave for Lightning Partner Community

Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Wave are available for Lightning Partner Community.

With CPQ, partners can create fast and accurate quotes and send customer-ready proposals to prospects in minutes, all directly in the Partner Community.

Wave transforms the way partners explore data, find answers and take actions to maximise business performance. Partners can see a 360⁰ view of their business and drill down into the data to identify new opportunities.

Personalised Chatter Streams

Personalised Chatter Streams

Chatter continues to be more dynamic than ever. Personalised Chatter Streams let you stay organised and up-to-date on the most important conversations on Chatter. Create personalised feeds for any record, group or individual, and easily follow them in one stream. Let’s say you want to follow all the updates from the particular opportunity, account and contact simultaneously. With Chatter Stream, it’s so easy to do that! Just add the items to your Chatter Stream list, save it and stay informed.

Use streams to maximise productivity by getting the most important updates on key deals and accounts in a single place.

Direct Messages

direct messages in salesforce community

Now, with Direct Messages, you can empower community managers to have one-to-one or one-to-few conversations with members on topics that may be better addressed privately. Start a message directly from a post or question in the community, or from a user’s profile.

Direct Messages support file attachments, so you can share files with users privately.

direct messages in salesforce community

These are just a few of the new features in Salesforce Spring ’17 Release. You’re sure to find something useful for your organisation in this release.