Salesforce’s New Feature – Community 360

Starting from Summer ’17, Salesforce allows support agents working in the Service Console to see information about which articles and cases customers have accessed. It’s always useful to know whether customers have seen all the relevant documentation and filed a case before contacting support.

With this information to hand, support agents can improve the support they offer and, therefore, increase customer satisfaction. For example, your support agent will not suggest articles a customer has already seen, and will not open a duplicate case.

To enable Community 360, contact Salesforce and enable the feature in the communities where you want to gather info. Your support agent will also need profile permission.

Use Lightning App Builder to set up Community 360 by simply dragging and dropping the Community 360 component on any case or contact page layout.

With Community 360, your support service will become even more efficient.

Lightning Knowledge Home Page

To Access Knowledge in Lighting Experience, Create a Lightning Knowledge Home Page.

By creating a Lightning Knowledge home page, you’ll have everything you need in one place. When you are on the home page, you can author, manage, search and view articles in Lightning Experience. With standard user permission, any user can get access to these actions.

System Admin can customise list views to display some important fields. A custom list view can’t contain fields that are not on the article record, such as data categories, ratings, view count and cases.

Add new filter on list view
Add new filter on list view

To work with Lightning Knowledge, your support agents will need the Knowledge user licence and some permission sets.

You can find the full list of requirements along with configuration steps for the Lightning Knowledge home page in the Lightning Knowledge Guide.