Salesforce World Tour NYC

June turned out to be rich in different activities, and we were honored not only to visit Salesforce World Tour in New York but to be a Gold Sponsor of one of the most anticipated events of the year! 

Many amazing companies, from small to big,  gathered there to share their expertise and demonstrate the powerful solutions they worked on. 

This year we’ve presented the following apps:

AC Knowledge Enterprise takes knowledge management in the community to the next level, preventing data silos and making it easier to find information. It is a comprehensive software solution for sharing and managing Knowledge Articles on Salesforce Experience Cloud.

AC Ideas Ultimate is innovative in its approach to the Ideation process. Explore this new way of collaboration! Create bright and unique ideas! Then, ask your customers directly for their opinions.

AC Events Enterprise allows you to enhance your productivity and streamline event management and analytics collection within your Salesforce org! AC Events Enterprise meets the most complex requirements for your online and in-person events.

AC eCommerce is native to Salesforce and enables your online sales without any additional tools and services. Great-looking designs provide an enterprise grade shopping experience for your customers.

AC MemberSmart is a one-stop system for organizations that uses all of the benefits of Salesforce. Native to Salesforce, customizable, and flexible, the app lets you easily work for a wide range of membership organizations and associations.

AC Partner Marketplace has been created to help organizations of all sizes and across all industries to transform and run their businesses. Building out your Partner directory and marketplace will enable your customers to find the right partners and solutions and help partners to grow your business.

AC Partner Co-Branding empowers your partners to brand and collaborate on promotional items for your products and services by creating co-branded marketing and sales content.  In addition, the app enables your partners to create their own marketing assets with their logos and other elements.

It was an excellent time for networking. We were happy to meet and talk with everyone who stopped by our booth, answer your questions, and tell you more about our products. If you missed this event and are interested in how our apps work – feel free to contact us and get a demo.

Advanced Communities at London’s Calling

Our team participated in the London’s Calling event this month, and we can tell you that it was a fantastic feeling to come back to live events! We missed it so much during pandemics and lockdowns. And after such a long pause, it’s a huge pleasure to see all those happy faces, speak with partners and colleagues, and share the latest news. 

We’ve also participated in Demo Jam with our magnificent apps: AC Events Enterprise and AC MemberSmart. Just in case you don’t know what Demo Jam is – this is a short session where companies have 3 minutes to showcase their apps and convince you to vote for them. Our colleague Rebekkah Raisor did a fantastic 3 minutes poem about Event Management and won the audience, so Advanced Communities became a winner of Demo Jam!

We are so proud of our best product, QA, sales, marketing, PM, support, and HR teams for putting together all your efforts and providing such high-quality products. 

AC Events Enterprise – is a comprehensive, 100% Salesforce native event management solution for various industries with a wide range of out-of-the-box features. We provide Zoom, Stripe, Google Maps, and Calendar integrations, along with different tools for event tracking, optimizing routine processes, and controlling ROI.

AC MemberSmart – ready-to-use solution for member organizations. By implementing this app, you get a comprehensive membership and association management package. Native to Salesforce, customizable and flexible, the app lets member organizations and associations efficiently work and manage members, track their activities, and provide more value while enabling growth and scaling.

If you want to learn more about these products don’t hesitate to reach out and get a demo.

We are happy to start this event season and look forward to the next meeting!

Great Features of the AC Knowledge Management Enterprise

AC Knowledge Management Enterprise

As you know, we are constantly working on our products to make them better for our customers. We’ll show you the most interesting features of the AC Knowledge Management Enterprise. Let’s take a closer look!

Multilingual Support

Great news! Our component now has multiple languages support. You can turn on this feature by enabling the “Enable multilingual” checkbox in Knowledge Settings and all of the standard Salesforce functionalities will be available in our app.

You can translate the Knowledge articles and all labels.

Multiple Knowledge Bases in one community

Now you can add more than one List component to the community and prefilter it by Article Types to display different Knowledge bases on different pages. For example, you can show only articles with FAQ and General Article Types on one page and articles with Solution Article Type on the other. You can also hide the article type labels so users can’t change them. 

Multiple Products

A new feature for Advanced Navigation – create different Knowledge Bases for different products. Advanced Navigation will display the hierarchy of the chosen category on the appropriate page. 

Previously, you could do that by creating a new group for each product, but the number of groups was restricted to 5 even if you had lots of products. We’ve fixed this problem so now you can segment your Knowledge by categories.

Print and Save as a PDF

With the new release, users can save Knowledge articles as PDFs or print them.  You can show or hide the Print button.

We hope you enjoy our news and updates. If you have any questions about our products,  feel free to contact us.

Advanced Communities supports UNICEF and Professional Development of Kharkiv using AC Events Enterprise

UNICEF is an agency of the United Nations responsible for providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide. 

Professional Development of Kharkiv is a Ukrainian non-governmental organization that has the goal of raising the capacity and material well-being of Ukrainian citizens by assisting them with employment. 

Both UNICEF and PDK have joined forces to support children, teenagers, and their families impacted by the war. The joint project is called  “Together.   Meeting points”  and has delivered over 4000 events in the last 3 months. 

Advanced Communities and have supported this effort through the use of AC Events Enterprise product and Salesforce Experience Cloud.

Children are playing in Kharkiv metro

The Purpose of the “Together. Meeting points” Project

The project has created special places where people can get the necessary humanitarian, and psychological assistance and opportunities for development, creativity, and education. The Meeting points offer access to professional psychologists, art therapists, and child care specialists in a friendly setting, offering games, arts and crafts classes, and various leisure activities. Such points operate in different cities across Ukraine.  

From the first weeks of the war, they appeared at all metro stations and bomb shelters in   Kharkiv. Later, the “points” opened their doors in Poltava, Kremenchuk, Kropyvnytskyi,   Svitlovodsk, Cherkasy, Uman, Okhtyrka, Chernihiv, Zaporizhia.   

Children are playing in Kharkiv metro

For the first three months of the project volunteers and various specialists held about four thousand events, of which more than 2,500 were held in the Kharkiv metro. These events combined fun activities such as puppet shows, bubble making, board games, and drawing classes, with important war time safety classes on topics such as chemical attacks and detection and avoidance of mines.

Games for kids impacted by the war

Services that Centers Provide: 

  • Supply  of clean drinking water, diapers, wet wipes, baby food
  • Issuance and sterilization of feeding bottles
  • Supply  of female hygiene products  
  • Providing access  to a psychological support
  • Providing children’s art classes and play time for psycho-emotional support.
  • Conducting classes to support breastfeeding
  • Providing educational tutoring so children can catch up on lost learning time.
  • Access to the Internet and other information on child and youth support

What Help was Needed from Advanced Communities?

As we already said, one of the services that the “Together. Meeting points” project provides is different events and classes aimed at the socio-emotional support for kids. Mostly there are offline events in different places in Ukraine that help children calm down and get distracted from the war. So they needed an event management system to organize all these activities.

Result that we’ve Provided

Advanced Communities has implemented the AC Events Enterprise package and made some custom development to fit their requirements. We have translated the package into Ukrainian and improved the registration process by adding the ability to select the number of children, their age, and the parents’ phone number.

AC Events Enterprise Detail Page

It’s a great honor for our team to be a part of such a project! We know from our colleagues’ personal experience how hard could be to live in such circumstances and how important is to rest, recover and get basic daily necessities, It’s a great honor for our team to be a part of such an important project! Advanced Communities has approximately 50 employees based in Ukraine so we know from personal experience how hard it can be to live in such difficult circumstances.  We are happy to support such initiatives and would encourage others to support the fantastic work being delivered by UNICEF and the Professional Development of Kharkiv.  THANK YOU!