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Ac Enterprise Ideas With Lightning Experience Support For Community Cloud

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Get the most valuable feedback from your customers, partners, and employees using AC Enterprise Ideas component for your community. Give them an opportunity to be more engaged with your company and to generate new and unique ideas. Using our app AC Ideas Enterprise for Salesforce Community Cloud your stakeholders can:

  • Suggest new products or services
  • Post their ideas, vote on them and write comments
  • Filter ideas by category, status and more
  • Search or browse for ideas using keywords
  • Active Moderation: Moderators get notifications for every new idea
  • Reputation points support

Flexible Ideas management for your community within your Salesforce − is an app that allows you to control who can submit ideas, vote and comment on them and many other things, such as:

  1. Lightning Experience support − Support of Salesforce Ideas Management for admins in Lightning Experience.
  2. Subscribe to ideas. Email notifications for community members who choose to “follow” the ideas.
  3. Banned words moderation – You can have a list of swear words to stop users posting them.
  4. Reputation points support – You can allocate reputation points for things like creating ideas or comments so your users can gain reputation by participating in ideas.
  5. Category moderators – You can allocate admin for each of the ideas categories and they would get notified whenever a new idea was posted in that category.
  6. Ideas and comments flagging – Let your community members flag spam or offensive content.
  7. Support for custom idea fields – You can add some additional fields to ideas object and you would be able to show them on community.
  8. Categories hierarchy. Custom categories object that supports two-level hierarchy of categories.
  9. Customisable layout of ideas list. The filters can be on a left or on a right.
  10. “Similar ideas” component.
  11. “Official answer” feature.

Get the best Ideas Management for Community Cloud within your Salesforce org and your stakeholders will feel listened to and your company will get a valuable out-of-the-box approach to issues, speeding up your time to market. It’s a win-win component! Salesforce and AC Ideas is a win-win for your community!

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