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“Free Ideas Component for Community Cloud” by Advanced Communities is one of the most popular and widely used components on AppExchange. And this is the best reward for our team. But we do not stop to strive for the best, so we are pleased to introduce our new component AC Enterprise Ideas.

This is a new completely rewritten from scratch enterprise component with the wide range of new options and features and currently there is nothing like this component on the market and it’s already being used by Mulesoft, Financial Force, Australia Post and some other companies.

More options for creating and managing Ideas:

  1. Pagination (a list of ideas divided into pages).
  2. Sort ideas by trending, popular, resent and oldest.
  3. Filter ideas by category, status and more.
  4. Search ideas by keywords.
  5. Create new ideas.
  6. Add and use custom field, to create an additional record.
  7. Vote and comment on existing ideas.
  8. Add ideas search result list to the Community Search page.
  9. Support of multiple communities.
  10. Auto status update.
  11. Display a list of similar ideas on Details page.
  12. Reputation points support.
  13. Ideas subscription support.
  14. Email notifications.
  15. Moderation tools.
  16. Archiving ideas.
  17. 2-level categories hierarchy.
  18. Set colors for statuses.

Get more new ideas from your customers and partners with AC Enterprise Ideas Component.

Available in Lightning Experience.

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