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AC Member Directory new release!

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Advanced Communities is always striving to improve its products and this time we can’t wait to share with you the new  AC Member Directory release! Meet the updated interface, pagination, mobile view, filters, map, adaptive layout, new features for members search and sorting. Let’s dive deeper!

New member search logic.  Previously you could search people only by their last name starting with the first letter. Now you can search members by any field in the Field set, such as mobile phone, email, first name, address, etc. In addition, we have implemented a search by a part of the field.

Sorting members. Now all of your members will be sorted by last name by default so it will be so much easier to find the right person.

Displaying member information in the community. In the previous release, some users had an issue when not all the specified fields with information about members showed up in the community. Now we’ve fixed it so all the information you need will be visible to you.

We hope you enjoy our updates. Follow us and stay up to date with the latest news!

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