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Big Update! Meet the new, completely redesigned AC Blog 2.0 app!

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Dear friends,

We’re so excited to share with you the latest news about one of our custom components: AC Blog

This time we’ve updated both the primary and extension packages. Our team made a great effort to improve the previous version of this app and it’s worth it. 

Now we have a completely redesigned app with a user-friendly modern interface and many new functionalities. 

With AC Blog 2.0 you receive a fully Salesforce native, comprehensive solution for your content management within Experience Cloud

You can create, edit and moderate articles, add images, videos, and links, allow your Experience Site users to add posts right from the community, and use several zones to provide different audiences with separate content. 

Now you have everything to start your blog, share content and engage new leads. Let’s take a closer look at the new features and fixes!

Enrich your blog articles with interactive and multimedia content by adding HTML code to articles!

Now admin can allow or deny adding HTML links to articles for blog authors. This feature enriches blog articles with interactive and multimedia content. 

Embedding HTML provides smooth integration with YouTube, Vimeo, and other 3rd party platforms. Depending on third-party solutions, the author can also add different questionnaires and interactive content to the articles.

adding HTLM code to the article

Enhance your articles with links to sources, additional material, or related articles using the “Add URL Link” Button

We have added an “Add URL Link” button to the component for creating articles on the community. Now you can enhance your articles with links to sources, additional material, or related articles.

“Add URL Link” Button

Improve the appearance of the content by adding hero images using Thumbnail and Main Detail Image

This feature allows you to display hero images for each article to improve the content’s appearance. 

Now your blog looks more attractive to readers as previously the list of articles included only article titles without any images. Admin can internally add two images to the article: a thumbnail and the main detail image. 

hero images to improve the appearance of the content

You can display the main image in the community by adding a new AC Blog Main Image component to the article detail page.

AC Blog main image

Customise your blog and make it more user-friendly applying New Articles List Layouts

We now have three different layouts to display an Articles List on the community: Tile Align Left, Tile Align Right and Grid. 

Use this opportunity to customise your blog and make it more user-friendly. You can choose any of these views on the AC Blog Articles List component’s properties.

new articles list layout

It is also possible to define which default image to display when no image has been selected by the user. This is possible for the Tile (right and left align) or Grid view.

how default image is displayed

Place attachments more compactly using Attached Files View

You can now also select the view for attached files on the community. Previously there was only a Preview mode for attachments (this way, they take up more space) and now you can select Icon mode to place them more compactly. Just choose a preferred option on the AC Blog Files component’s properties.

attached files view

Allow your users to track more relevant content applying AC Blog Recent Articles component.

There is a new style for the AC Blog Recent Articles component. In addition, it is now possible to add published date to this component so users can track more relevant content.

AC Blog recent articles component


  • The Articles List displays even when the Short Body field isn’t filled.
  • The logic of saving articles as Draft has been fixed (now moderation isn’t considered when saving an article).
  • An icon has been added to the app and the components.
  • Fixed styling for mobile devices.

Many of our clients successfully use AC Blog. One of the examples of our success stories is Greenpeace — a well-known global environmental protection organisation. 

The Advanced Communities team helped them implement AC Blog functionality for their volunteer community. Now they can share news and blog articles and volunteers are always up to date with all updates.

We hope you enjoy our news and updates! Also, don’t forget to follow us on social media for helpful information about Salesforce and Experience Cloud.

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