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Best of Dreamforce 18 Community Cloud Keynotes
30 Oct 2018

Hey, Salesforce professionals, lovers and just enthusiasts! You might have noticed that your environments have been already updated to the Winter 19. And that means, you can fully enjoy and use all the newest and greatest features Salesforce prepared and presented on Dreamforce 2018. See a quick overview of the best Salesforce Community Cloud features..

Salesforce Light CMS
26 Apr 2018

We are excited to share the news about the new Light CMS Community Cloud feature that will be available as the limited pilot with  Summer 18 Release.

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
Dreamforce 2017 Top Seven Community Cloud Announcements
29 Nov 2017

Dreamforce has come and gone, but it has brought an array of innovations, many of them related to Community Cloud. The Community Cloud keynote speech is now available on YouTube and we’ve produced our list of the seven most interesting innovations for you below. The introduction of the Lightning Flow component is pushing the boundaries..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
The Lightning Partner Management – New Community Template!
02 Dec 2016

Thanks to Salesforce Winter ‘17 Release Notes, now we all have an amazing opportunity to customize our partner relationship management. Have you heard anything about Lightning Partner Management solution before? This is what we are going to test here today! The Lightning Partner Management is a Salesforce package that you need to download and install..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
How To Enable The Global Search in Salesforce Communities
26 Jul 2016

Global Search is a new Lightning component available in Salesforce Summer ’16 Release. It allows users to see search results in one tab based on objects they have access to (both standard and custom). A community manager can easily determine which tab and search results community users can see. To enable Global Search, go to..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
How to Improve Your Community’s Success and Better Engage With Your Customers
04 Mar 2016

In this article I wanted to share my thoughts on the most important factors that every community manager should consider when creating a successful community. Starting Points Key Audience Strategy and Tools The very first thing is to think about future community users. Depending on their potential needs, there are different priorities: Audience Goals Customers..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
Customer Communities Must Look Great
12 Feb 2016

Let’s talk about the importance of website design and online customer community design for your business. Online Support Community First, let’s imagine that you have a main website which represents your brand. It has a main page, a list of your products or services, a picture gallery and a contact page. It’s a typical website..

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Looking Outwards: What Is Modern Customer Support And How Exactly Does It Work?
08 Feb 2016

Customer  Communities Provide outstanding customer support service or lose your customers forever! An average employee in a customer support role has to deal with hundreds of phone calls every day. Customers have questions or complaints about a company’s products or services, and not all of them are in a good mood. The employees in the..