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New Salesforce Community Cloud features in Winter ‘16 release
09 Nov 2015

Lightning is a framework that was created by Salesforce to meet the demands of multi-device businesses. The whole Winter ‘16 release from Salesforce is about the new Lightning Framework and its incredible power and flexibility. When it comes to discussing Lightning Framework and its meaning for communities, first we should talk about Community Builder and..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
Five Rules For Effective Community Management
16 Oct 2015

Hiring an experienced manager for your social media campaign or Salesforce community development is a good start for great community management. Unfortunately, many communities have been launched without any adoption strategies or without a well-planned content plan. Against the odds, some of them are still functioning without effective management. A content plan and a dedicated..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
15 Sep 2015

If you are a manager of a recently created community based on the Salesforce platform, one of the main challenges you have is how to invite as many customers as possible and then keep their attention. Frequently asked questions are: How can I increase customer engagement? How can I encourage users to be active and..