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advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
The Evolution of Salesforce Community Cloud
18 Oct 2016

Salesforce Community is the evolution of portal technology, offering a new and more contemporary user experience, combined with a system of engagement and intelligence. HOW IT ALL STARTED: 2010 – Chatter launched: a new concept for effective collaboration on business processes. 2013 – Communities launched. 2014 – Community Cloud: communities became important, with more people..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
Dreamforce 2016. Highlights.
18 Oct 2016

This year’s Dreamforce conference was just spectacular! It was rich in announcements, breakout sessions, hands-on training, keynote speakers, networking etc. Here are the top three things about Dreamforce ‘16 from Salesforce: Salesforce Artificial Intelligence – Einstein AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a complex and highly technical solution that makes a lot of interesting things happen every..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
Lightning Bolt – New Format For Salesforce Communities
20 Sep 2016

This year is especially important for Salesforce and its customers. Salesforce will release so many new exciting products this autumn – Winter ’17 Release is coming, 51st release for Salesforce, which is called the most significant for the company. One of the greatest improvements is related to Community Cloud. It is called Community Themes. With..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
Salesforce Winter ’17 Release – Overview
10 Sep 2016

The 51stSalesforce Release brings many platform improvements and enhancements. We will talk about Community Cloud and its new exiting features. Service Communities Pre-moderation: a moderator can review posts and comments before they get published. Moderator can mass review and approve comments. Moderation Overview page shows moderation activity and pending tasks. Flag as Spam & Note..

advanced communities
Salesforce Presented Their New ‘Lightning Community’ in Paris. A Game Changer for the Community Cloud
28 Jul 2016

Salesforce launches their Lightning Customer Community to allow companies to reimagine the customer experience within a rich and intelligent environment. In Paris on the 23rd of June Salesforce announced their long awaited New Lightning User Experience that will give much more flexibility to Community managers to design and layout Community templates. The New Lightning design..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
What is Wave Analytics for Community Cloud?
05 May 2016

What is Wave Analytics for Community Cloud? It is a new tool Salesforce provides for companies to extend sales insights to channel partners to accelerate growth. The Wave Analytics Platform is delivered by Salesforce to empower everyone to explore and uncover insights in their data. Insights are important for driving sales in every industry. Sales..

salesforce world tour amsterdam
Salesforce World Tour ’16 – Amsterdam
25 Apr 2016

Advanced Communities was one of the sponsors of the Salesforce World Tour, which took place in Amsterdam at RAI on 14 April 2016. Because of the buzz created by social media, we were so excited about the upcoming Amsterdam event and really looking forward to it. We arrived at RAI early in the morning (at..

advanced communities
3 Social Software Vendors Well Worth Your Attention
16 Mar 2016

Online communities are designed to connect business data and social activity in sales, service and marketing, or any other business area that could benefit. Today’s communities deliver: Social collaboration Branding and customisation Business processes Social intelligence Mobile access Security and reliability Online communities are good for both customers and partners. Customer communities are best for..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
Customer Communities Must Look Great
12 Feb 2016

Let’s talk about the importance of website design and online customer community design for your business. Online Support Community First, let’s imagine that you have a main website which represents your brand. It has a main page, a list of your products or services, a picture gallery and a contact page. It’s a typical website..

advanced communities
Looking Outwards: What Is Modern Customer Support And How Exactly Does It Work?
08 Feb 2016

Customer  Communities Provide outstanding customer support service or lose your customers forever! An average employee in a customer support role has to deal with hundreds of phone calls every day. Customers have questions or complaints about a company’s products or services, and not all of them are in a good mood. The employees in the..