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advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
The Bedrock Ideas Component In Several Communities.
15 Aug 2016

With new release, it is possible to implement the Bedrock Ideas Component in several communities. In addition, you can set up different categories for each community. It is easy to do with some additional settings. NOTE. Make sure you checked “Enable Categories” checkbox in Ideas Settings. Each community has to have its own Ideas Zone…

advanced communities
Salesforce Presented Their New ‘Lightning Community’ in Paris. A Game Changer for the Community Cloud
28 Jul 2016

Salesforce launches their Lightning Customer Community to allow companies to reimagine the customer experience within a rich and intelligent environment. In Paris on the 23rd of June Salesforce announced their long awaited New Lightning User Experience that will give much more flexibility to Community managers to design and layout Community templates. The New Lightning design..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
How To Enable The Global Search in Salesforce Communities
26 Jul 2016

Global Search is a new Lightning component available in Salesforce Summer ’16 Release. It allows users to see search results in one tab based on objects they have access to (both standard and custom). A community manager can easily determine which tab and search results community users can see. To enable Global Search, go to..

advanced communities
Salesforce Community Cloud Is A Major Mover In The Sphere Of Online Communities. Part 1
15 Dec 2015

Salesforce Community Cloud Some years ago, platforms for online communities were the domain of open source platforms like Joomla or Drupal. Since then, platforms have evolved significantly in their technological sophistication and they now offer a standard set of features, provided and supported by many different organisations. Experience has shown that businesses use digital communities..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
Salesforce Community Cloud – Trends and Opportunities
08 Dec 2015

How the best companies use Salesforce (based on data collected from 1,500 Salesforce customers) Customers’ Adoption 36% of Salesforce customers that have bought other companies’ cloud products – like Service Cloud, Sales or Marketing Cloud – have also purchased Community Cloud. In addition to that, 21% of respondents intend to purchase Community Cloud in the..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
Koa Template Overview
05 Oct 2015

Advantages and Limitations Koa is a standard Salesforce community template. It lets users search for articles and it is optimised for mobile devices. The Koa template only has basic features and a standard set of colours for its design. A drop-down menu in the header provides quick access to the User’s Profile, Contact Support page..

advanced communities
Kokua Template Overview
01 Oct 2015

Advantages and Limitations Kokua is a standard self-service community template. It allows users to search for articles and to contact support. The information focuses on Data Categories. Users can find relevant articles, but the community only works well when the Data Categories are set up correctly. You can set the number of categories that should display,..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
Napili Template Overview
29 Sep 2015

Advantages and Limitations The Napili template for supporting communities allows searching for articles. Logged-in users can post questions to the community and participate in discussions in the feed. Profile details, Chatter feed and the list of cases are all accessible from the profile menu. The template is optimised for any device. Advantages: Supports Knowledge, Cases..

advanced communities
Salesforce Communities Templates
20 Sep 2015

When choosing a platform for your online community, you need to consider factors like: Platform stability Scalability Flexibility and customisation Mobile capabilities Licence fee Development costs Set up and deployment time Out-of-box plug-in availability Support and maintenance Salesforce is a platform that satisfies all these conditions and provides three standard templates for online communities. Communities..