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3 Social Software Vendors Well Worth Your Attention
16 Mar 2016

Online communities are designed to connect business data and social activity in sales, service and marketing, or any other business area that could benefit. Today’s communities deliver: Social collaboration Branding and customisation Business processes Social intelligence Mobile access Security and reliability Online communities are good for both customers and partners. Customer communities are best for..

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Customer Communities Must Look Great
12 Feb 2016

Let’s talk about the importance of website design and online customer community design for your business. Online Support Community First, let’s imagine that you have a main website which represents your brand. It has a main page, a list of your products or services, a picture gallery and a contact page. It’s a typical website..

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How Popular Are Online Community Platforms?
28 Jan 2016

Online Community Platform To have a clear vision of the popularity of online community platforms, we need to analyse some important aspects: Are online communities still in demand from marketing and HR teams? How do online communities fare against legacy web environments (website, intranet, portal)? What will be the future for online communities? Let’s talk..