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Success Story: eCommerce Implementation for Guide Dogs
26 Mar 2020

We have a great success story from the Guide Dogs UK – well known and well respected national UK charity which helps with providing mobility for the blind and partially sighted as well as supporting research, raising awareness and campaigning for the visually impaired.

07 Feb 2020

We strongly advise paying attention to the following Salesforce critical updates, that are enforced in the nearest future and may affect the use of our components.

Lightning Knowledge Component Update! (part 3)
06 Feb 2020

Why does my Knowledge have a message that the component will stop working from 1st of April? We at Advanced Communities have provided our component free of charge for a few years now, and as the user base grew the demand for new features and for better quality of the component also increased. Along with..

What’s new with Salesforce Spring 20?
30 Jan 2020

The Salesforce Spring 20 Release Notes are already here and soon all organizations renew the interfaces into the funny spring 20 fox! So, what are the news brought by the fox? What changes are waiting for us this Salesforce Spring 20?

Great Events are here!
14 Nov 2019

The most popular Salesforce native Events app got much better. To celebrate Dreamforce this year we have released the new major version of the Events component for the Community Cloud!