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23 Feb 2018

Dear friends, It’s with great pleasure that I’d like to remind you that Spring 18 is here (at least on a Salesforce calendar) and, therefore, a host of wonderful innovations from Salesforce too. Our ‘AdvancedCommunities’ team hasn’t been wasting any time during the cold winter days and has prepared an overview for you of the..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
Dreamforce 2017 Top Seven Community Cloud Announcements
29 Nov 2017

Dreamforce has come and gone, but it has brought an array of innovations, many of them related to Community Cloud. The Community Cloud keynote speech is now available on YouTube and we’ve produced our list of the seven most interesting innovations for you below. The introduction of the Lightning Flow component is pushing the boundaries..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
Audience Targeting in Winter ’18 Release
22 Sep 2017

In this release, Salesforce has spent some time working on audience targeting. The resulting improvements mean that you can now: Utilise user criteria to create audiences Prioritise what your audiences see Creating Audiences Using User Criteria A new option, New Criteria Type, has been added to the audience targeting section in Community Workspaces. You can..

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Community Cloud Dynamic Branding
19 Sep 2017

With the Winter ’18 Release, Salesforce will present branding sets for Community Cloud. With this new feature, you can manage the appearance and style of your community. Now different users can see your community in different styles! Just like you use criteria-based audiences to create page variations, now you can use them to create different..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
Salesforce Customer Account Portal
12 Sep 2017

While the retirement of Koa and Kokua templates continues, Salesforce is providing a new way to keep your customers happy – it’s a Customer Account Portal. The Customer Account Portal is an out-of-the-box template for Community Cloud. It’s a secure and completely private place for your customers. Within this portal, your customers will be able..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
Lightning Templates and Bolt Solutions
05 Sep 2017

The Winter ’18 Release of Salesforce will bring some great new features to Community Cloud. For example, there will be some major improvements in the most popular template – Customer Service (Napili) and the Partner Central templates. You’ll be able to increase customer satisfaction by using templates you build yourself or you’ll be able to..

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Salesforce Lightning Bolt Solution
28 Aug 2017

Interested in development and want to try creating your first Lightning Bolt solution yourself? It’s not that hard! Find all you need to know about creating your own Lightning Bolt template and page layout from custom Lightning components in our five-minute video:

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
Puzzled by Salesforce Lightning Knowledge?
22 Aug 2017

Knowledge is now available in Lightning Experience! It gives you a powerful and streamlined way to create and manage your knowledgebase articles. It works best for Salesforce orgs new to Knowledge because it requires just one article type and some data categories, and is used in single-language mode. See our educational short video series on..

advanced communities and salesforce community cloud
Financial Services Cloud + Community Cloud. A Perfect Combination.
15 Aug 2017

Financial Services Cloud + Community Cloud. A match made in wealth-management heaven. Why? We’ll tell you why. Financial Services Cloud includes a number of standard objects. Its main purpose is to enable the tracking of private wealth management and for collaboration with external consultants. It provides wealth managers with a separate secure communication channel with..