Key Features
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Blog Categories

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Blog Zones

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Publish Scheduling

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Posts Moderation

Take a look at how these key features can benefit your community

The Salesforce Blog application every blogger should have!

  • Blog Categories: configure blog categories and assign your blog post to specific categories for quick and easy search.
  • Blog Tags: tag your blog posts with multiple keywords and optimise the content search on the community.
  • Blog Zones: create different sets of Blog Articles for different audiences within one or more communities.

Smart and easy-to-use Blog component.

  • Posts Moderation: set moderation for all posts or for posts by community users only and notify moderators about new blog posts.
  • Publish Date. Create great content and choose the date you want it to be published.
  • Create Articles on Community. Let community members contribute articles or share their experience creating blog posts directly from the community.
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AC Blog for Community Cloud by Advanced Communities allows bloggers to publish more often, write better blog posts and track their success on communities.