AC Member Directory Enterprise
Key Features
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Custom Admin Filters

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Google Maps Integration

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Flexible Filtering

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Suitable for Non-Profits

Take a look at how these key features can benefit your community

All-in-one Member Management app empowers you to focus on what’s most important: your members.

  • Member management. Create, update, and manage member information in your database. Can be used as Volunteer management, native to Salesforce.
  • Custom admin filters. Create and use custom filters available only for admins. Control and manage the list of members visible on the community.
  • Google maps integration. Help members to find each other more easily using geolocation.
  • Flexible filtering. Create members’ targeted groups by key criteria (location, age, industry, etc.) and quickly find the right person.
  • Member tracking.Track members' interests and activity to provide relevant services. Use the members’ database for analytics.

AC Member Directory Enterprise is built for every member of your team!

  • User activity. Facilitate interaction between members. Deliver personalized textual or visual content. Coordinate various marketing activities.
  • Display options.Control members displayed on the community with the Select Profiles option.
  • Member zones.Create Zones to display different groups of members and set up different options for each zone.
  • Custom fields support.Modify, add, and show unique member information fields using custom fieldsets.
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AC Member Directory Enterprise for Salesforce Community Cloud will enable you to communicate effectively with your members.