Lightning Knowledge Component Update! (part 3)

Why does my Knowledge have a message that the component will stop working from 1st of April?

We at Advanced Communities have provided our component free of charge for a few years now, and as the user base grew the demand for new features and for better quality of the component also increased. Along with the free component, we have also provided free support and we reached the point where providing free software with the free support became difficult. We want to make our component much better and to do that we need funds so that we can have a dedicated team who will work on continuously improving and supporting the component.

Why did not let us know this before and why did you give us such short notice?

We did. We have been sending out emails every month since October about the coming change. You have either opted out from our monthly emails with product updates and Community Cloud news or your component was installed by a consultant who did not notify you. We understand that this could be the case, so we have enabled the message on Community interface as a final way of notifying you before we disable all the unpaid instances of Lightning Knowledge.

This is my live production community and it doesn’t look good. Can I hide this message immediately?

Yes, and it’s very easy to do. Please follow these steps to hide the message.

You need to get to your Community Builder and paste this code into Theme -> Edit CSS

.knowledge-notification {
    display: none;

Please note that you can hide the message for your customers, but unless you pay the component will stop working on 1st of April.

What are my options if I don’t want to pay for the component?

If you don’t want to pay for the component, you can use topic-based knowledge provided by Salesforce out of the box or you can write your own component.

But you will not be able to use our component if you don’t pay. It will stop working on 1st of April.

What is the price of AC Knowledge component?

The price starts from $500 per month per org of up to 100 users and increases gradually depending on the total number of internal users in an org. The prices are:

$700 for org up to 300 users.

$900 for org up to 500 users

$1200  for org up to 900 users  

$1500 for any org above 900 users.

The minimum contract is 12 months and you have to pay for 1 year upfront.

Why does the price only include internal users and not external (Community) users?

We have seen some quite small organisations with large communities and for them the high licensing cost is unaffordable, so we believe the total number of internal users is a good and fair reflection of the size of an organisation.

What are these extra features that are being added and what is the roadmap?

  • Advanced case deflection
  • Case deflections statistics
  • Create Knowledge articles from Community
  • Custom Article View
  • Support both for thumbs and star article rating 
  • Improved search results 
  • File attachments support

How do I pay?

Just send an email to specifying your org id and number of internal users, your PO number (if applicable) and we will send you an invoice. If you already have a free component, then you don’t need to do anything else. The upgrade will happen automatically.

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