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Salesforce more than just a CRM

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When people think of Salesforce they usually imagine a CRM system that can help organisations with sales and store the customer’s data and help to reduce the manual work. But by thinking this way they’re missing out on a bunch of other benefits because Salesforce platform offers MUCH more. 

The Salesforce’s foundation principle is to help customers succeed. So they built the entire ecosystem to meet all of the customer needs. Salesforce provides not only tools for acquiring new customers but also ways of looking after existing customers and providing them with an exceptional customer experience.

Here are the main tools and some information on how they can improve your business:

Experience Cloud 

  • Build customised websites, portals, mobile apps for connecting with your customers, partners and employees. The platform is highly customisable so you can create an experience that will fully meet your needs.
  • Create the partner portals, share contacts and leads, track results with reports and dashboards.
  • Build a space to connect your customers. Forums, self-service portals, knowledge base and other tools to improve your customers’ experience.
  • Empower your employees. Create a space where they can be grouped by teams, projects or events, and where they can share files and actively interact to increase their productivity.

Service Cloud

  • Exceed customer expectations by personalising your interaction in the contact centre, chatbot, etc.
  • Build a help centre with a knowledge base where customers can read articles and find solutions by themselves.
  • Analyse your CRM data with reports and dashboards. Track case history, chatbot activity and your service team productivity.

As you can see, both Salesforce Experience and Service Cloud are very powerful tools and have huge functionality. And we at Advanced Communities have even more great applications that can expand their capabilities. Let’s have a look at some of our other products:

AC Knowledge Management Enterprise lets companies and organisations build out a comprehensive knowledge base with relevant information about their products and services. Advanced Case Deflection provides up to 70% case deflection reducing the burden on client service.

AC Event Management allows customers to plan, organise and host the most complex offline and online events easily while keeping all the necessary data in one place. The app provides the most broad functionality from guest registrations and badge creation right through to payment – an all in one solution that allows customers to achieve the best results!

AC Ideas Enterprise allows all participants to create, view, comment and, most importantly, vote for the most useful ideas. The app facilitates the Ideation process which is an important part of product design.

AC Member Directory was developed to track, manage and collaborate with community members. It helps companies and organisations to build brand engagements and opportunities for members to network with people around the world.

AC eCommerce allows customers to set up a stunning online shop in just a few clicks, starting selling on the same day. Its beautiful designs provide companies with a top shopping experience for their customers.

Advanced Communities are Salesforce Silver Partners and Experience Cloud Experts. We have great experience in building out communities for different companies in different industries and many satisfied clients. Book a meeting with our expert consultants if you have any questions about Experience Cloud:


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