The Symposium on Strength and Solidarity

for Human Rights

  • Type: Non-Profit Association
  • Industry: Human Rights
  • Headquarters: United Kingdom


The Symposium on Strength and Solidarity for Human Rights is a multi-year project which was created to stimulate new initiatives across the domain of human rights to set up organizational strength and increase mutual solidarity.



The project required a safe online platform to help those who fight for human rights in countries where this kind of activity might pose danger. The main purpose of the platform is to enable a safe member collaboration, communication and the functionality to organise and attend online and face-to-face events.



The out-of-the-box Experience Cloud functionality allowed us to cover the main needs of the project, while Advanced Communities’ applications (such as AC Events, AC Gallery, AC Blogs and AC Member Directory) provided extra functionality for the Symposium to engage with its audience more effectively. Furthermore, a 2FA Authentication was applied for stronger security.
Advanced Communities improved and simplified the standard Salesforce Community UI, as well as adding an automated process for admins and custom flows for participants.


Benefits and Result

Advanced Communities components help participants to generate ideas, communicate during the Symposium conversations in a safe environment and defend human rights all over the world.
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