Success Story: Chamber of Digital Commerce

We recently did a very successful project with the Chamber of Digital Commerce – a leading member organisation that represents the blockchain and digital assets industry. Their main goal is to popularise the usage of blockchain-based technologies and digital assets and to create a friendly environment for developing investment opportunities, innovation and jobs.

The challenge was to create a platform with membership management and marketing systems for managing sales. We imported data from two other systems, configured Pardot Marketing, customised Salesforce out-of-the-box features and the sales process according to the specifics of their business and created a member community for interaction, sharing news and events.

We also improved the standard Salesforce Experience Cloud UI and provided additional features by implementing the following Advanced Communities’ products:

  • AC Events Enterprise create online and offline, paid and free events, separate events for different zones and many more great functionalities.
  • AC Blog – share the content, add the images, video or HTML to posts.
  • AC Member Directory – collaborate with community members, manage users and track their activity.
  • AC Partner Marketplace – create a partner database and let customers find a partner who will perfectly match their criteria.

The main features that we applied were:

  • Sales and membership renewal process.
  • AC Events with virtual Zoom events for members.
  • Private chatter groups so members can collaborate and get all necessary information.
  • AC Blog application for presenting all news. 
  • Integrated marketing with Pardot forms, imported lists and automation rules.

Advanced Communities helped the Chamber of Digital Commerce to automate its sales and marketing processes. As a result, all data is now in one place. By implementing these features, we optimised time spent on operational work and provided members with an improved online platform for collaboration and interaction.

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