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The brand new app from Advanced Communities – AC Rapid Cases

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AC Rapid Cases is the application that revolutionises customers’ support! With this app, users no longer need to report about their problems by typing long texts and trying to describe the issues they’re faced with and instead can just record their screen and the app will suggest a solution based on the recording. Our app removes the typing and simplifies the issue reporting process.

Case video recording 

All you need to do is to make a screen recording with an issue and add audio comments to the video if needed. So easy!
This helps to avoid text-based mistakes in the issue description and reduces the time for the support team to find a solution.

Case Deflection

AC Rapid Cases app has two different case creation flows for user experience: 

  • Case Deflection enabled. Deflect the cases before they are created! This flow contains three steps: record screen, view suggestions and create a case. But users can skip the first two steps and go straight to the third step to create a case without video if they prefer.
  • Case Deflection disabled. Cases with the recordings can be quickly created. This is the only step where users need to enter the title, description, and add a video recording.

Suggested Articles

Once the user has recorded the video, machine learning algorithms start the recognition process and show suggested articles based on the Knowledge base. So users can find the solution in articles even without creating a case. Article Suggestions are available internally for the support team as well.

Cases Categorisation

Create Classification Rules based on the words that the URL or page text contains and a case will be categorised automatically!

Custom and default storage

You can choose where to store video recordings: on our default server or on Amazon S3 Storage.

AC Rapid Cases is a native Salesforce application for case management with an intuitive interface that will improve your customer service experience. Our tool works with issues on external sites as well as with issues on the Salesforce platform.

We’re excited to announce that AC Rapid Cases app is available on AppExchange so you can try it right now!


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