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The Top 4 Salesforce Experience (Community) Cloud use cases

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Salesforce Experience Cloud is a universal and customisable platform with a wide range of functionalities that allows you to create a community that exactly matches your business needs. Using the powerful tools that Salesforce provides you can connect your customers, employees and partners in one place to do your business in the most effective way.

Customer support with self service portals

Salesforce is a great way for your business to improve your customer service using online portals and help centres. Creating a Knowledge base with articles allows customers to find any information they need and to resolve problems on their own. Using Case management to collect and categorise customers’ interactions, customers are sent to the right department for a quick and effective solution. Ask customers’ opinions about your products and services as this is very important for growing your business and improving your products. With Ideas, your customers can post their product ideas as well as comment on and vote for the ideas they like.

Salesforce communities will help you to provide a faster service, to reduce a lot of the monotonous work and to let your support team concentrate on more complicated tasks. Advanced Communities offers even more functionalities through the following components: 

  • AC Rapid Cases – with this app users don’t need to type long text to describe an issue. Instead they just make a screen recording and the app will suggest the solutions.
  • AC Knowledge Management – a native to Salesforce tool that helps you to create a cloud-based Knowledge base where users can easily find information with filtering by article types and data categories.
  • AC Ideas Enterprise – our application with Lightning Experience support provides an easy and intuitive way for customers to share their ideas.

Sales channel acceleration

Get the deals faster and easier with sales acceleration tools from Salesforce like Deal registration. Create marketing budgets, streamline fund requests, and process fund claims using Market Development Fund features. Integrate with your partners by sharing data to streamline the sales process.

AC team has great products for effective collaboration with partners:

  • AC Partner Marketplace – our app created for partners to generate more good leads and for customers to find the partner that will exactly match their needs.
  • AC Partner Co-Branding – with this tool you can create and share co-branded marketing resources with partners to reach more customers and increase sales income.

Non profits

Salesforce also has many solutions for non-profit organisations that will help you to build space for communication with volunteers, donors and funders. Simplify the process of giving online, using Donations tools. Engage with members using Member and Volunteer Directory. Share events in the Salesforce community and create Chatter groups for discussion and collaboration. 

There are few more applications from Advanced Communities that can help nonprofits:

  • AC Events Enterprise – this app can make the events organisation process a lot easier. Online events with Zoom integration, ticketed or free events, built-in calendar and more great features to help you effectively manage events.
  • AC E-commerce – a native to Salesforce app where you can build an online shop right in the community in just a few clicks. Safety online payments, flexible automated taxation based on the user location, tracking orders – all for the best user experience.
  • AC Member Directory Enterprise – an all-in-one Member Management app that empowers you to focus on what’s most important: your members.

Higher Education

With Salesforce Communities, universities can automate a lot of essential processes like student admissions, payments, scheduling, and registration for courses, programmes and exams. Create an online Knowledge base with university resources so students can easily access the information they need.  Salesforce Communities is also a perfect platform for students to collaborate, exchange ideas, share content, ask questions and get the answers with Chatter and Chatter groups.

AC provides University Student Hub – which provides a comprehensive EDA-integrated solution for universities, colleges and schools to engage with students and equip them with a secure online environment for interacting with the higher education institution.

We at Advanced Communities have experience of building communities for different companies across multiple industries and we’ve created many great components for communities. Book a meeting with our experts if you’d like to talk about anything related to Experience Cloud:


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