Meet the Team
Stas Dunayev

Certified Salesforce Application Architect and technology enthusiast with an interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning. MSc in Database Systems from Westminster University.

Aleksey Sheldagaev

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Certified Salesforce Developer. Interested in programming, cars, space, music, ski, science, movies, video games. His personal goal is to visit as many places on the Earth as possible and to make something valuable for humanity.

Tom Furtney

Tom is an experienced leader and has worked within the Salesforce ecosystem since 2007. Tom has a deep understanding of Salesforce, having held roles at both SI and ISV partners. Tomhelps his clients get the most out of their Salesforce investment by listening to their needs, and helping them reach their goals by aligning technology, processes and people

Dmitry Omelchenko

Salesforce consultant. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. Certified Salesforce Developer and Admin. His hobbies are cars, gadgets, big tennis, skis, travel, and he lists his goals as being adventurous, having an exciting, stimulating life and to live for each day.

Valentina Naumenko

Head of Marketing.
Having worked at KPMG and a range of international companies Valentina brings a wealth of experience in marketing, consulting and business administration. Master’s Degrees in International Economic Relations and Civil Engineering. Keen on history, architecture and travelling.

Tony Ferguson

Tony has extensive knowledge of the IT industry. Experienced in sales and business development, he has been involved in many high value projects in both government and the commercial sector. When it comes to customers and business partners, Tony’s guiding principle is that they are all important and you should never let them down.

Anatoly Savenko

Salesforce consultant. Master’s degree in Computer Science. Graduated in 2016. His hobbies are programming, sports, fishing, music, guitar, chess and running.

Anton Kutishevski

Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. Hobbies: reading books, drawing, playing guitar, walking. Interests: programming, computer graphics, music and literature.

Lisa Komarnitskaya

Specialist’s degree in Languages and Literature. Like to learn everything new and happy to share my knowledge with others. Fond of music, dance, theatre and psychology. Cloud technologie enthusiast.

Ross Volonchuk

Salesforce Developer. Massive Internet Of Things and Raspberry PI fan

Dmitri Dubnovitski

Salesforce Developer. Lightning framework. Like Javascript, CSS and all things related to front end.

Lyubov Usoltseva

Mum, Salesforce superhero, Java, Android Developer.

Yuriy Egorov
I like sport, travelling, learning foreign languages, carting racing, watching movies. My goals: self development, discover new things, participate in new technology projects.
Anastasia Khmelevaya

UX consultant. Her interests are design, travelling, visual arts and making things look beautiful.

Egle Pielikyte

Salesforce Admin and Business Analyst. Her interests include self-expression, health and fitness, equality and her cat! Certified Salesforce Admin and AppBuilder.

Ekaterina Sheldagaeva

Head of HR. Interests: music, singing, travelling.

Ilya Dunayev

Front End developer. Interests: travel, programming, movies, video games, books.Education: Machine Engineering College I want to build my own robot.

Vladimir Opyata

Project and release manager.
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Salesforce administrator.
I’m interested in sports, reading, travelling, programming, languages learning, maintaining healthy lifestyle.

Yevhen Synii

Junior SF Developer and big fan of new LWC framework. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Constant Learning is part of Yevhen’s lifestyle.

Tatiana Koval

Salesforce and office admin. Master degree in Math. More than 10 years of International background in Marketing and Sales Analytics in the Beauty industry. Tatiana is fond of cognitive psychology, fashion, design, and art. Love nature and travelling and going to Asia and the Middle East

Igor Semenko

Salesforce developer.
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.
Have experience with business processes, Java and php languages stacks.
My favorite interests are camping, fishing, chess and of course computer games.