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AC Events Enterprise is your comprehensive, Salesforce-native event management solution, equipped to support both Nonprofit Cloud and Education Cloud. This app empowers you to effortlessly plan, promote, track, and analyze events of all sizes, whether they are virtual, hybrid, or in-person – from small meetings to large conferences. By utilizing this event management software for Salesforce Experience Cloud, you can simplify the entire event planning process, from registration and ticketing to marketing and post-event analysis. As an all-in-one event management system, AC Events Enterprise is ideal for organizations looking to streamline event management, enhance attendee engagement, and gain valuable insights for future events.

Turning Events into Achievements.

Now is the moment to enhance and simplify your management of online, in-person, or hybrid events through our 100% Salesforce-integrated event management application, AC Events Enterprise. Streamline management, boost attendee engagement, and collect insights—all within Salesforce.
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Unique Features

Free and paid events, both simple and complex
Easily manage any event in Salesforce, save time with automation, and use Zoom meetings and webinars for online events.
Fast and easy event creation
Create new events in seconds directly within the platform using the user-friendly Event Wizard guided flow.
Integration with UTM sources via URL
Easily track the source of each event participant and efficiently manage all attendees in one place.
Recurring events
Improve your event planning by scheduling regular meetings more easily. Just set up recurring events for certain days each month.

Benefits Designed With You, Your Attendees, and Sponsors in Mind


Customized Event Experiences

Create and run events with different behavior for different purposes. Use AC Events Enterprise Zones feature to specify which events will be displayed in a specific zone, which can differ by the audience, location, event type, or any other parameters you decide.
Customized Event Experiences AC Events Enterprise - Event Management Salesforce App

Flexible Pricing

Salesforce event management app AC Events Enterprise also supports event packages, such as standard, VIP, Post-Payment, Paid with Donation packages, and a variety of pricing options including discounts for bulk purchases, early-bird discounts, vouchers, and the option to add donations when purchasing tickets.

Virtual, Live, and Hybrid Events

Event management software AC Events Enterprise comes equipped with powerful Zoom, YouTube, and Vimeo integrations, allowing you to effortlessly create, manage, and report on a wide variety of virtual, live, or hybrid events.

Simple or Complex Events

AC Events can support a one-day webinar or complex, multi-day events with multiple tracks, sessions, and speakers. Help your attendees customize and navigate large events using the agenda view and agenda builder.
AC Events Enterprise interface - Event Management Salesforce App

Pre-Built Reports & Dashboards

View and manage your event’s metrics in real-time. We also provide bundles of reports and lightning dashboards to simplify the analytics process.

Marketing Integrations

Launch complex marketing Campaigns easily with the Event-Campaign integration. Segment your marketing by using attendance data to target attendees.

QR Codes for Tracking

Track attendance for in-person events with a quick scan of the unique QR code attendees receive via email after registration. No printer? No problem. QR codes can either be printed or simply presented on the attendee’s phone.

Get Your Ebook!

Introducing our free-to-download ebook on running events on Salesforce! Learn how to organize and manage events of any size — from registration and ticketing to marketing and post-event analysis — all in one place within Salesforce.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use AC Events Enterprise for event planning in Salesforce?

AC Event Enterprise helps in efficient event planning and management within Salesforce by providing features such as event creation, registration customization, attendee management, and real-time analytics and reporting.

How can I benefit from using AC Events Enterprise for my business?

AC Event Enterprise  Salesforce event software can benefit your business by streamlining event planning, improving attendee experience, increasing productivity, providing real-time analytics, and enhancing data management, all within the Salesforce platform.

Can I use AC Event Enterprise as an event check-in system for Salesforce?

Sure! AC Event Enterprise’s QR code feature provides a quick and efficient way to track attendance at events, without the need for manual check-ins. Organizers can simply scan the QR codes to track attendance and update attendee status in real time. 

What can I do with the AC Events Enterprise?

With the AC Events Enterprise event management tool, you can effortlessly create and manage events, track attendees in real-time, and provide valuable analytics to streamline event planning and management – all within the Salesforce platform.

Our Cases

Salesforce communities implementation has driven success
By providing our expertise and utilising years of experience of our Salesforce Certified Experience cloud consultants, we help our customers manage and benefit from the ever-increasing number of new product features.
Cases: Nonprofits
UNICEF and Ukrainian Professional Development
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The project Spilno Meeting Points involved establishing nurturing environments where children could escape the stressors of war and access a wide range of child-specific services, including essential humanitarian and medical assistance, psychological support, and educational classes.

  • Transformed the platform into a centralized hub for all event information.
  • Introduced a user-friendly event registration system.
  • Incorporated advanced filtering options for convenient event search.
  • Helped to eliminate paper-based processes and centralize attendee information.
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Cases: Nonprofits
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Greenpeace, a global environmental organization, faced significant challenges in coordinating its activities and campaigns across the Nordic region due to outdated communication tools and the lack of a centralized platform. Explore how Advanced Communities helped Greenpeace overcome all these challenges.

  • Merged five regional Experience Cloud sites into one international space.
  • Improved communication within the community.
  • Enhanced online collaboration and information sharing.
  • Simplified and more effective group management.
  • Increased engagement and user satisfaction.
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Spotify Technology S.A. is a Swedish music streaming service that provides DRM-protected music and podcasts from record labels and media companies. Spotify required two separate sites: one for bringing artists, developers, investors, and vendors together and another as a communication channel used for sharing news, events, announcements, and blog posts.

  • Enhanced file management and sharing
  • Exceptional customer service with a new case management system
  • Better connection and collaboration with the customers
  • Increased website traffic and overall company productivity
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MuleSoft, Inc. is a software company that provides iPaaS software for connecting applications, data, and devices without writing code. Advanced Communities was involved in the strategic project of moving the Mulesoft Help Center from the legacy PHP forums to Salesforce Community Cloud. That included moving 20000+ forum users with the discussions, likes, follows, reputation points, images, and userpics to Salesforce.

  • Improved engagement and collaboration with Mulesoft customers
  • Better system performance
  • Streamlined and more efficient company processes
  • Increased productivity
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