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Flexible and customizable, AC Fundraising is a go-to Salesforce donor management solution for any nonprofit organization. With an intuitive user-friendly interface, packed with custom objects, flexipages, and integrated payment services, the app allows you to easily create, manage and run community-driven online fundraising campaigns, handling both single and recurring donations with just a few clicks right from your Experience Cloud site. Store and manage donations and donor data, and track your fundraising success – all in one place within Salesforce. The app is compatible with both Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud and Nonprofit Success Pack.

Your Mission, Our Solution.

Organize, manage, and track all nonprofit fundraising activities in one fundraising platform. Create fundraising campaigns, set single and recurring donations, establish fundraising goals in just a few clicks, and track their performance on your Experience Cloud site. Benefit from peer-to-peer fundraising functionality to allow external users to register, create their own campaigns, set targets and track donations natively on Salesforce.
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AC Fundraising Features

Customized fundraising management
Centralize your campaigns and donor management to get the most out of your fundraising efforts. Get a deep overview of all the campaigns inside Salesforce, including statuses, goals, number of all time donations, amount of money raised, and more…
Flexible configuration
Customize the app to fit your specific requirements using custom metadata types. Adjust settings, notifications, and general parameters based on what you need to empower your fundraising efforts and donor management.
Intuitive internal application interface
Easily manage and track all fundraising activities internally. Navigate through the objects and settings tabs to access the information you need.
Enhanced user experience pages
Enjoy a more interactive and user-friendly experience with Flexipages, powered by prebuilt components. View, manage, and track all fundraising activities and donations at a glance with our all-in-one integrated fundraising solution.
Integrated payment services
Accept single and recurring donations through your Experience Cloud site and track all transactions internally. All payments are safe thanks to Stripe and Spreedly Gateway online payment integration.
Person Accounts support
The app is compatible with Nonprofit Cloud. Keep all donation info in one place, whether from individuals or households they’re connected to. Easily track and manage donor connections, avoiding scattered data and making your fundraising smoother.
Robust reporting
Analyze fundraising campaign performance, anticipate monthly revenue, identify top donors, pinpoint top-performing campaigns, and more in one centralized donor management system.
All-in-one solution
AC Fundraising is your go-to Salesforce donor management solution that allows you to manage everything: donors’ accounts, contributions, campaigns, communications, set fundraising goals, and track your success.
Ready to take your donation processing in Salesforce to the next level? Try AC Fundraising today and see the benefits for yourself.
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Benefits for you

Increased donor engagement
Engage donors more effectively with personalized communications, targeted outreach, and donor recognition. Use AC Fundraising to segment donors, track their giving history, and tailor communications based on their preferences.
Improved campaign management
Manage fundraising databases and campaigns from start to finish in a centralized donor management system in Salesforce. AC Fundraising allows you to create custom campaigns, track goals and progress, and automate tasks such as sending thank-you emails.
Better data management
Centralize donor data for informed decision-making. AC Fundraising offers customized fields and data models to capture the information you need and allows more efficient nonprofit fundraising in Salesforce.
Enhanced reporting and analytics
Gain insights into fundraising performance with Salesforce’s reporting and analytics tools. Create custom reports and dashboards to visualize fundraising progress and identify areas for improvement.

Who Is It For?

Nonprofit organizations
AC Fundraising is designed specifically for nonprofits seeking to enhance their fundraising efforts. It can help streamline donation tracking, engagement, and communication to maximize fundraising outcomes. 
Educational institutions
Schools, colleges, and universities can benefit from AC Fundraising’s capabilities for managing donations, charity campaigns, and donor engagement. It can also help alumni relations teams maintain strong relationships with graduates.
Religious organizations
The app can help religious organizations of all sizes manage their campaigns, track and collect online donations, and engage with donors. It can also help churches and religious groups maintain strong relationships with their congregations.
Social enterprises
AC Fundraising may be suitable for social enterprises seeking to raise funds for their mission-driven initiatives. It can help track donations, manage campaigns, and engage with donors to drive social impact.
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    Where is the donor and donation data stored?

    • All data is stored directly in Salesforce without the need for integrations.

    Where can I see all the donations made to our fundraising campaign?

    • A full list of donations can be found on the fundraising campaign page. Campaign administrators can also view it on the Campaign management page.

    Can donations be made anonymously?

    • Yes, benefactors can make donations anonymously.

    Can we post fundraising updates on the campaign page?

    • Yes, there’s a dedicated “Updates” section on the fundraising campaign page.

    Can we automatically update donors with fundraising campaign news?

    • Yes, donors will automatically receive all fundraising campaign updates.

    Can fundraising campaigns be temporarily deactivated?

    • Absolutely. Campaigns can also be placed in “draft” mode before it’s published.


    How can I use Salesforce for nonprofit donations?

    Salesforce can be used for nonprofit donations by utilizing the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) which provides pre-built fundraising and donor management tools tailored to the needs of nonprofits. In addition, third-party apps like AC Fundraising can be integrated with Salesforce to enhance donation tracking, fundraising campaigns, and donor management processes. 

    What are the best donation apps for nonprofits that use the Salesforce Experience Cloud?

    To find the best donation app for your nonprofit using Salesforce Experience Cloud, it’s important to carefully evaluate each option based on your organization’s specific needs and requirements. AC Fundraising is a recommended solution for nonprofits that want a 100% native Salesforce app to handle all their fundraising needs. With its powerful features for managing donations and fundraising campaigns, AC Fundraising provides a fully integrated and customizable interface for tracking donor data and donations within Salesforce.

    What is AC Fundraising and how does it work?

    AC Fundraising is a donation software for nonprofits that use Salesforce. It is a powerful tool that helps nonprofits manage their fundraising campaigns and donations. It is fully integrated with Salesforce, so all data is securely stored and easily accessible. With AC Fundraising, nonprofits can create and manage fundraising campaigns, register donors, track donation amounts, and automate donation receipts and thank-you emails. This makes it easier for nonprofits to engage with their donors, increase donations, and ultimately achieve their philanthropic goals.

    Can AC Fundraising integrate with other Salesforce apps?

    AC Fundraising is a Salesforce nonprofit software for donations built on the platform that fully integrates with Salesforce and its products. It can be used in conjunction with other apps such as Marketing Cloud to create targeted email campaigns for your donors.

    Is Salesforce a donor management system?

    Salesforce offers various tools and features that can be used for donor management, but it is not specifically designed solely as a donor management system. Salesforce is primarily known as a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps organizations manage interactions and relationships with customers, clients, and constituents.

    However, many nonprofit organizations and fundraising entities leverage Salesforce for donor management purposes by customizing its functionality or integrating it with specialized donor management or ecommerce for nonprofit apps or add-ons available through the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace, just like AC Fundraising.

    Does Salesforce have a fundraising platform?

    Salesforce does offer solutions and tools that can be utilized for fundraising purposes, but it doesn’t have a standalone fundraising platform in the traditional sense. Instead, Salesforce provides a flexible CRM platform that can be customized and adapted to meet the needs of fundraising and nonprofit organizations.

    Nonprofit organizations often use Salesforce for fundraising by customizing its features or integrating it with specialized fundraising apps like AC Fundraising or AC MemberSmart membership management software available through the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace. These apps can include functionality for managing donations, donor relationships, fundraising campaigns, event management, and more.

    Does Salesforce process donations?

    Salesforce itself does not directly process donations as a payment processor. However, Salesforce can be integrated with various payment processing systems or a third-party donor management system to facilitate donation processing within its CRM environment. AC Fundraising allows you to accept single and recurring donations through your Experience Cloud site and track all transactions internally. All payments are safe thanks to Stripe and Spreedly Gateway online payment integration.


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