Salesforce eCommerce Solution for Nonprofits

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AC eCommerce for Nonprofits is a powerful native Salesforce application designed exclusively for nonprofits and charities. With this innovative solution, organizations can sell a diverse range of goods online and accept donations during checkout, revolutionizing their fundraising efforts and extending their impact. AC eCommerce for Nonprofits is a key component of our comprehensive solution, AC MemberSmart, tailor-made for membership organizations.

Try AC eCommerce for Nonprofits today and start making a difference!

AC E-Commerce for Nonprofits Features


Stock quantity

Remove the burden of administering product quantities with AC eCommerce for Nonprofits’ automation feature. Whenever a user buys an item, the system calculates the number of items left and automatically updates the quantity. If the number drops to zero, the product is automatically marked as “Out of stock”.

Multiple payment methods

If you use Salesforce to accept payments, AC eCommerce for Nonprofits is your best friend here. Give your customers the choice to pay online or offline with secure debit and credit card payments. Track all transactions easily with Stripe and native support of FinDock payments and donations integrations.

Customizable product page

AC eCommerce for Nonprofits offers a perfect product page with a detailed overview including title, price, features, descriptions, and photo gallery. Products have configurable options, such as color, size, and gender. Sell items individually or as part of a bundle. Add and manage custom product options and groups.

Smooth shopping cart experience

From the shopping cart, customers can check the list of goods they’ve chosen and change their quantity, remove unnecessary items if needed, and see the subtotal price for each item and order total for the whole purchase – all with our AC eCommerce for Nonprofits Salesforce e-commerce solution.

Smart shipping automation

Automate shipping and tax fees based on the user’s location. Choose a country, region, state or province to see the shipping and tax estimates. In this case, we have free shipping as a flat rate. Press the “Proceed to checkout” button to enter the shipping details.

Donation opportunities

Use AC eCommerce for Nonprofits to include a donation option on your Salesforce shop’s checkout form. Encourage your supporters to make additional contributions to your organization while completing their purchases.

Filtering & sorting

Improve customer experience with AC eCommerce for Nonprofits e-commerce software. Add unlimited categories and subcategories to help customers easily find relevant products. Use adjustable filtering and sorting options to let them sort product listings by name and price.

Centralized merchandise data

Find the product’s description, detailed characteristics, and additional photos on a separate product page of your charity eCommerce platform. Customers can add the goods they’ve chosen into a cart by pressing the “Add to Cart” button.

Subscription option

Add a Subscription form on the Homepage of your e-commerce marketplace community to gather your customers’ emails, then use them to raise awareness about your nonprofit organization. Send newsletters, and share new products, sales, and updates with your customers to keep them engaged with your organization.

Top Benefits of Salesforce eCommerce for Nonprofits Integration


Nonprofit organizations can feel all benefits of using Salesforce CRM for their charitable causes. The Salesforce for Nonprofits solution is available through the “Power of Us” program at a discounted rate for nonprofits allowing them to use social and mobile technology to collaborate with staff, volunteers, supporters, and service users.

Integrated solutions

Salesforce provides integrated solutions such as Nonprofit Cloud as well as managed packages like Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and Program Management Module (PMM) with tools and features tailored to the unique needs of nonprofits to help them achieve their philanthropic missions.

Third-party enhancements

Nonprofits using Experience Cloud can enhance functionality of their charity portal by implementing third-party AppExchange Salesforce apps. For instance, with AC eCommerce for Nonprofits app it becomes possible to use Salesforce for e-commerce and start fundraising online by selling a variety of goods and offering donations on the checkout.

Who Is It For?

Nonprofit organizations

This app is ideal for nonprofit organizations that want to sell goods online and receive donations. With the app, nonprofits can streamline their fundraising efforts and reach a wider audience through nonprofit e-commerce.


Charities can use the AC eCommerce for Nonprofits app to raise funds online and sell products related to their cause. The app makes it easy to organize an online payment system for nonprofits and accept donations, making it an efficient tool for charities to support their mission.


Associations can use AC eCommerce for Nonprofits as an eCommerce for associations solution to create an online store, sell association-related merchandise, and accept donations providing a convenient and user-friendly way for their members to purchase goods and support their organization.
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    Does the app use a shopping cart?

    • Yes. Automations can also be added, such as shopping processes or managing abandoned carts. 

    Can we track orders with the app?

    • Yes, you can track orders and coordinate sales with just a few clicks.

    Do you have discounts for nonprofits?

    • Absolutely. Even better? We provide our eCommerce software license to registered charities and non-profits free of charge. Request licenses directly from Advanced Communities.


    How to enhance functionality of my member or fundraising portal on Experience Cloud?

    If you want to enhance the functionality of your member or fundraising portal on Experience Cloud, you can use the AC eCommerce for Nonprofits application. This app allows for seamless eCommerce integration with Salesforce Experience Cloud, and can help you to add payment, donation, and shipping automation functionality to your portal. With AC eCommerce for Nonprofits, you can effectively sell merchandise, collect donations, and manage your online store, making it a great choice for improving your overall fundraising efforts.

    How does AC eCommerce for Nonprofits enable online payments for nonprofit supporters?

    With AC eCommerce for Nonprofits, you can provide your customers with the flexibility to pay through either online or offline channels, using secure debit and credit card payments. Additionally, Stripe and FinDock payments and donations integrations are natively supported by the app, which allows for easy tracking of all transactions.

    Can AC eCommerce for Nonprofits be used for fundraising events and auctions?

    You can use AC eCommerce for Nonprofits alongside our other Salesforce-native solution, AC Events Enterprise app, to organize fundraising events, auctions, and charity evenings to enhance your fundraising efforts. The app also enables you to track attendees in real-time and provides valuable analytics to streamline event planning and management – all within the Salesforce platform.

    Can Salesforce donation processing be integrated with AC eCommerce for Nonprofits?

    With AC eCommerce for Nonprofits, you can set up an online store to sell merchandise and collect donations, manage orders and payments, and track sales and transactions – all within the Salesforce platform. The app provides various features to enhance your nonprofit’s eCommerce capabilities, including payment and donation processing, inventory management, shipping, and tax calculation. 

    What if I need help with e-commerce Salesforce integration?

    You may want to consider hiring a Salesforce consultant or developer who specializes in e-commerce integration, such as the experts at Advanced Communities. They can help you create a multifunctional AC shopping platform that supports your fundraising missions, improves your e-commerce functionality, and enhances your overall online presence.