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Faster time to market

By using prebuilt solutions, you save time and money while quickly launching your support, partner, or non-profit portal.


We include a technical support package as a standard offering. Most of your requests will be processed same-day.

Continuous improvement

We focus on the latest trends in UX as well as workflow optimization needs and keep our solutions updated with new functionality.

Top-rated components

Our Salesforce apps have received rave user reviews and are highly-rated on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Reliable and well-tested solutions

We have a robust and comprehensive quality assurance and testing process to make sure our solutions work as intended.

Supported on any device

Our Salesforce accelerators work on any device—desktop, mobile, or tablet. We also work well on the Mobile Publisher mobile app.

Case Studies: Accelerators

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DataCore is a software company that provides powerful software-defined storage solutions for block, file and object storage for enterprise and mid-market customers. DataCore's software products are designed to improve the performance, availability, and utilization of storage resources in data centers and cloud environments.

  • Created a custom theme with flexible, customizable elements for DataCore’s partner portal.
  • Added a custom component that displays Salesforce Library content on the homepage.
  • Implemented AC Ideas Component Lite to provide feedback functionality.
  • Used the AC Partner Co-Branding solution to enable co-branding functionality.
  • Set up integration with Qollabi.
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Cases: Nonprofits
UNICEF and Ukrainian Professional Development
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The project Spilno Meeting Points involved establishing nurturing environments where children could escape the stressors of war and access a wide range of child-specific services, including essential humanitarian and medical assistance, psychological support, and educational classes.

  • Transformed the platform into a centralized hub for all event information.
  • Introduced a user-friendly event registration system.
  • Incorporated advanced filtering options for convenient event search.
  • Helped to eliminate paper-based processes and centralize attendee information.
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Cases: Nonprofits
CDCF: EIS Alumni Association
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The project aimed to unite EIS alumni in a shared space for connection, collaboration, and ongoing professional development based on their interests, experience, and EIS Program education.

  • Created a user-friendly profile layout showcasing 40+ fields
  • Implemented advanced data filtering with multi-select functionality
  • Enabled alumni to update their contact information on the portal, with automatic syncing to Salesforce
  • Allowed users to be automatically added to relevant groups based on graduation year or subject of study
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Cases: Nonprofits Associations and Member Organizations
The Canadian Cancer Society
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The project aimed to bring together people with similar experiences of cancer, providing a platform for connection, communication, and learning. 
With the AC solution, community members can participate in conversations, engage in shared activities, and join private groups – all with either a fully French or fully English experience.

  • Implemented AC apps to provide group & discussions functionality, a member directory, and a blog features.
  • Implemented community switcher to allow easy witching between French or English communities.
  • Developed and integrated a variety of custom features and functionalities to address the specific UI/UX requirements.
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Cases: Nonprofits
Guide Dogs
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Guide Dogs provides a range of services with and beyond the dog to help people who are blind or partially-sighted lead confident, independent, and fulfilling lives. Their request was to create an online storefront to easily distribute CustomEyes large print books on their site.

  • Developed a branded, easy-to-use online shop with a slick design for customers to make online and offline payments
  • Enabled customizable orders, shipping, and tax management
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    Advanced Communities is an all-in-one partner that utilizes a comprehensive approach to finding the best software solutions for your organization, whether commercial business or nonprofit. Our expertise in Salesforce UX and Salesforce data migration enables us to provide our customers with integrated professional support throughout their journey with Salesforce and Experience Cloud. Whatever the task, our certified team is here for you.

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    We understand that each organization has unique requirements and challenges. That’s why we offer customized Salesforce apps that align with your specific needs. By taking the time to understand your business processes and objectives, we can design a Salesforce CRM migration strategy that optimizes efficiency and maximizes the benefits of Salesforce for your organization.

    Cost and time efficiency

    Our team employs efficient methodologies and uses Salesforce migration tools to streamline the migration process, reducing downtime and minimizing resource requirements. We aim to deliver the project on time and within budget, allowing you to quickly realize the benefits of Salesforce and drive your business forward.

    Strong support and customer success

    We are known for our strong support and commitment to customer success. We provide comprehensive technical assistance, ongoing maintenance, and regular updates to ensure the optimal performance and reliability of your partner portal. Our team of experts is available to assist you throughout the Salesforce partner portal setup process and beyond.

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    What are apps in Salesforce?

    In Salesforce, apps refer to collections of functionalities and features tailored to specific purposes or user roles within the Salesforce platform. These apps improve workflows, organize information, and enhance productivity for users by providing a focused set of tools and capabilities.

    Salesforce offers various types of apps, including standard pre-built apps provided by Salesforce out of the box, custom Salesforce solutions, and third-party AppExchange apps offered by Salesforce partners like Advanced Communities.

    How many apps are there in Salesforce?

    Salesforce’s AppExchange marketplace hosts thousands of apps, covering a wide range of functionalities and use cases. These apps are developed by both Salesforce itself and third-party developers like Advanced Communities, offering solutions for sales, customer service, analytics, collaboration, and more.

    What language are Salesforce apps written in?

    Salesforce apps can be developed using various programming languages and technologies, depending on the type of app and the developer’s preferences. The primary languages used for developing Salesforce apps include Apex and Visualforce. Developers can also use Lightning Web Components (LWC) to create fast, responsive, and reusable components for Salesforce apps, using standard web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

    Where can I get Salesforce plugins?

    Even though Salesforce is strong and effective, there are certain things it can’t do by default. Luckily, the company created the AppExchange, a marketplace with extra tools, such as Salesforce plugins, applications, and complex software solutions that can improve and expand the out-of-the-box capabilities of Salesforce. The AppExchange solutions empower Salesforce users to use the platform beyond its initial scope, discovering new possibilities for innovation and growth.


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