Salesforce Partner Management & Lead Management App

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AC Partner Marketplace is a robust Salesforce PRM (Partner Relationship Management) solution for partner portals on Experience Cloud. This app empowers businesses to broaden their ecosystem by establishing an online network of partners. With Partner Directory and Partner Marketplace functionality, it facilitates lead generation for partners, customer acquisition for partners, and partner and supplier discovery for customers. Enhancing Salesforce lead management and generation, this app supports business growth within a secure and customizable environment.

Elevate Collaboration, Amplify Success.

Establish a partner network on your Salesforce partner portal , enabling your partners to attract new customers while granting your customers the utmost freedom to discover and select the finest suppliers and products – all within your Experience Cloud environment.
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Unique Features


Standard dynamic or advanced filtering

Help your customers find the right partners by using AC Partner Marketplace’s adjustable filtering and sorting functions. Let them filter and sort partner listings by rating, name, location, country, industry, level, or other criteria to find the best fit for their needs. 

Ratings & reviews support

Provide your customers with an invaluable source of feedback in your Salesforce partner relationship management portal by enabling the Ratings & Reviews functionality. Users can rate partners as well as their products or services to help other customers make informed decisions.

Centralized partner data

Have a clear overview of your partner ecosystem by accessing all the necessary information about your partners in one place  Find the partner’s description, contact information, location details, and current reviews & comments on each separate partner page. 

Lead generation

Generate more new leads for your business. Simply enable the “Contact Partner” button and start collecting new leads from the “Contact Partner” form with just a few clicks.

Partner profile management

Partners can update their own information, including listings, contact details, location, logo, and more. They can also access leads generated from the contact form on the Account Management page, removing the burden of manual updates.

Google Maps integration

Users can easily locate and contact relevant partners based on geolocation. This feature streamlines partner searches and improves the user experience on your partner relationship management site.

Advanced app moderation

Your partners can create, edit and update their solutions with or without approval processes. We’ve also developed the ability to send notifications to the approver and/or partner when an app, solution, or service is edited, published, approved, or declined.

Zones support

With this feature, you can efficiently target and engage audiences based on their specific needs. Create Zones to streamline your partner relationship management process and ensure that partners and their solutions are aligned with the right audiences. 

Custom fields support

Seamlessly modify, add, and show unique additional information on partner apps using custom fieldsets. Capture and showcase the unique information that matters most to you and your users. Tailor the experience to meet your specific needs and provide unparalleled value to your users.

Benefits for You


Expanded ecosystem

The app enables you to broaden your ecosystem by establishing an online network of partners, thereby increasing collaboration opportunities and potential business partnerships.

Lead generation

AC Partner Marketplace serves as a powerful Salesforce-native lead generation tool, helping you and your partners to generate more new leads. Enable the “Contact Partner” button to allow partners to start collecting leads through your site.

Customer acquisition

The app facilitates customer acquisition for your partners by offering Partner Marketplace and Partner Directory features. Partners can attract new customers and expand their client base by showcasing their offerings on your PRM site.
Don’t wait any longer to create a powerful partner management system in Experience Cloud. Try AC Partner Marketplace now and start reaping the benefits today!
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    Can partners delete applications directly from the Experience Cloud site?

    • Yes, as long as the permissions are set appropriately on the partner’s profile.

    Is the layout flexible?

    • Absolutely. Control the sidebar position and choose the view that works best for you—list or tiles.

    Is it possible to customize the “Contact Partner” form?

    • You have the flexibility of using our out-of-the-box contact form or creating a custom one to generate new leads and let customers contact partners directly.

    What is the Salesforce relationship management system?

    Salesforce is a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) system that helps businesses manage all aspects of their customer interactions, from sales to service and support. With a cloud-based infrastructure, all data is stored on remote servers and accessed through the internet, making it accessible to employees from anywhere with an internet connection.

    In addition to CRM functionality, Salesforce offers a wide range of features and tools to help businesses manage customer interactions. One such tool is the Experience Cloud platform, formerly known as Salesforce Community Cloud, which enables businesses to build branded, mobile-friendly websites and portals connected to Salesforce CRM. 

    To further enhance the functionality of Experience Cloud, businesses can expand by implementing AppExchange solutions for Experience Cloud, such as AC Partner Marketplace, AC Ideas Ultimate, and AC Events Enterprise.

    What are the best partner network solutions for Salesforce partner portal on Experience Cloud?

    To enhance the functionality of a Salesforce partner portal, businesses can use a range of AppExchange add-ons, such as referral management solutions, partner analytics applications, training and certification solutions for partners, and partner marketplace apps. Advanced Communities offers a variety of PRM solutions designed for businesses of different industries and sizes that use Salesforce Experience Cloud. You can explore all of our solutions by navigating our website.

    Top 8 features of the AC Partner Marketplace PRM app.

    AC Partner Marketplace is native to Salesforce & offers comprehensive features that make it easy to find and engage with partners, generate leads, and grow your business in a secure and customizable environment.

    Here are 8 of its key features:

    • Partner Directory and Partner Marketplace functionality;
    • Customizable filtering and sorting options for partner listings;
    • Ratings and reviews support for partner solutions and services;
    • Contact Partner button for easy connection with partners;
    • Lead generation with Contact Partner form on the partner page;
    • Zones support for organizing partners and solutions;
    • Self-service capabilities for partners to update their own information;
    • Google Maps integration for finding relevant partners and solutions.

    How can I use AC Partner Marketplace as a Salesforce lead generation tool?

    Utilize the power of the AC Partner Marketplace as Salesforce lead generation software for Partner Relationship Management sites to generate new leads for your business. Simply enable the ‘Contact Partner’ button and start collecting new leads from the ‘Contact Partner’ form with just a few clicks. Use Salesforce Sales Cloud for lead management to ensure your marketing and sales teams stay updated on upcoming leads from the partners.

    AC offers some other apps for both commercial businesses and nonprofits like Salesforce membership managementsoftware AC MemberSmart, event management appAC Events Enterprise, knowledge management solution AC Knowledge Management Enterprise, and more.

    What is Salesforce lead management?

    Salesforce lead management refers to the process of capturing, tracking, and nurturing potential sales leads within the Salesforce CRM platform. It involves managing leads from initial contact or acquisition through to conversion into customers.

    How do I organize Salesforce leads?

    Organizing Salesforce leads is all about efficient lead management. It effectively involves structuring your leads in a way that makes them easily accessible, identifiable, and actionable for your sales and marketing teams. Here are steps to organize Salesforce leads:

    • Customize lead fields in Salesforce to capture relevant information about your leads.
    • Set up lead assignment rules to automatically assign leads to the appropriate sales representatives
    • Implement lead scoring to prioritize leads based on their level of engagement and likelihood to convert.
    • Segment leads into distinct groups based on characteristics such as industry, company size, or lead source.
    • Define lead status values and stages that reflect the progression of leads through the sales funnel.
    • Track the source of each lead to determine which marketing channels and campaigns are driving the most valuable leads.
    • Establish clear processes for converting leads into opportunities, accounts, and contacts within Salesforce.
    • Regularly review and clean up your lead database to remove duplicates, outdated leads, and irrelevant information.

    What is a partner relationship management system?

    A Partner Relationship Management (PRM) system is a software platform designed to manage and facilitate relationships with an organization’s channel partners, resellers, distributors, dealers, and other external partners. PRM systems provide tools and functionalities to streamline partner interactions, improve collaboration, enhance lead management, and drive mutual business success.


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