Salesforce Recurring Billing & Subscription Billing Solution For B2B

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AC B2B Commerce Recurring Orders is a powerful Salesforce-native app designed to simplify the ordering process for B2B businesses using the B2B eCommerce platform on Experience Cloud. It automates recurring orders and billing processes, provides flexible scheduling, and offers a range of payment options, making the lives of companies with a B2B subscription business model much easier. If you’re looking for an easy way to facilitate your subscription management on Experience Cloud and easily manage your recurring orders and subscriptions, try AC B2B Commerce Recurring Orders, the Salesforce subscription billing app, today!

Order Smarter. Thrive Faster.

Empower your B2B customers to establish automated Salesforce recurring billing and order processes with flexible scheduling within the Salesforce ecosystem, requiring just one initial setup, and revisit or modify them only when necessary. Save time for yourself and your customers, reduce the potential for errors, and improve the overall efficiency of your B2B business.
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AC B2B Commerce Recurring Orders Features


Flexible schedule options

Easily schedule your recurring orders with our subscription management solution. Choose from daily, weekly, or monthly options and select a specific day of the week or week of the month for your orders to be created. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of managing your subscriptions with ease. 

Quick and simple

Managing your recurring orders and billing processes has never been easier! With just one click in your checkout cart, you can easily set up scheduled recurring orders. Say goodbye to complicated ordering processes and enjoy the convenience of Salesforce subscription management.

Easy to manage

Edit, pause, or cancel your recurring orders anytime you want with just a few clicks. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with effortless Salesforce subscription management. 

Helping B2B suppliers in any industry

Manufacturing, retail, education…you name it. Our app is perfect for B2B e-commerce companies who want to establish a robust Salesforce subscription management system and sell their products to B2B customers on a recurring basis.


The app is designed to help you reclaim your time and reduce the burden of manual order processing. With just one initial order, our app automatically generates and processes future recurring orders for you making the Salesforce subscription management much easier for you. 

Multiple payment methods support

Provide your customers with the payment choices they need on one secure recurring billing platform! Give your customers the flexibility to choose their preferred payment method. Our app offers multiple payment options, including online and offline payment with debit and credit cards.
Having a recurring billing system in Salesforce and struggling with outdated tools and poor subscription functionality? Give AC B2B Recurring Orders a try today and experience the convenience of automated order generation, flexible schedule options, advanced order management, simplified billing processes, and multiple payment gateways support.
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Salesforce CRM + AC B2B Commerce Recurring Orders Perfect Combination for B2B eCommerce

Salesforce Experience Cloud 

Create a beautiful e-commerce portal on the Experience Cloud to provide your existing customers with a seamless and personalized shopping experience, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our AC B2B Recurring Orders app is fully integrated with the Salesforce Experience Cloud, making it easy to manage and automate recurring orders directly from the e-commerce portal.

Streamlined sales processes

Salesforce provides a single platform for managing all aspects of the sales process, from lead generation to order fulfillment. Our app can help simplify the ordering process even further, automating recurring orders, providing flexible scheduling options, and implementing a Salesforce recurring billing platform on your site. 

Increased efficiency

Salesforce automates many manual processes, reducing the amount of time and resources required to manage B2B e-commerce. With AC B2B Commerce Recurring Orders, businesses can further increase efficiency by automating the recurring order processing and subscription management, allowing for easy repeated order management.

Who Is It For?

B2B subscription model businesses

This app is specifically designed for B2B companies that need to manage recurring orders and subscriptions for their B2B customers. Whether you’re in manufacturing, retail, or another industry, if you have B2B customers who need to place recurring orders and manage Salesforce subscription billing, this app can help simplify your processes.

Sales teams

For sales teams who manage B2B accounts, the app can be a valuable tool for increasing efficiency and productivity. With the ability to create and automate recurring orders, sales reps can spend more time on other important tasks, such as building relationships with clients and closing deals.

Wholesale distributors and retailers

AC B2B Commerce Recurring Orders is the best solution for wholesale distributors and retailers that use Salesforce as their primary CRM system and who want to optimize their time on recurring orders and streamline their B2B order management processes on their Experience Cloud site. 
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    Why Should I Choose AC B2B Commerce Recurring Orders?

    AC B2B Commerce Recurring Orders is a flexible and powerful app that provides comprehensive subscription functionality for Salesforce Lightning B2B ecommerce. It automates repetitive order creation processes for business buyers who receive supplies on a routine basis (i.e., daily, weekly, or monthly). Based on the Recurring Order Frequency that’s set, the current order is created and processed automatically using the same product quantity, price, shipping address, and payment method as in the Recurring Order that was initially created. “Set it and forget it” until changes need to be made. 

    How Does It Work?

    AC B2B Commerce Recurring Orders automates the re-ordering processes for B2B buyers that receive supply on a recurring basis. The app allows a company’s  business buyers to easily create Recurring Orders with their desired frequency—just once, right from the Cart. It won’t need to be touched unless the buyer would like to pause or adjust it.  

    What is the process of implementing B2B Salesforce e-commerce for my business?

    Implementing B2B Salesforce e-commerce for your business involves several steps, including identifying your business requirements, selecting the appropriate Salesforce products, customizing your platform, integrating third-party apps, and training your team. Our team of experts can guide you through the process and ensure a smooth implementation. Contact us to learn more.

    Can AC B2B Commerce Recurring Orders handle subscription billing for my B2B customers?

    Yes, AC B2B Recurring Orders can handle subscription billing for your B2B customers. Our app allows for easy management and automation of recurring orders and payments, making it a great solution for businesses that need to manage subscription billing.

    Does AC B2B Commerce Recurring Orders integrate with other Salesforce e-commerce solutions?

    AC B2B Recurring Orders app is a native Salesforce app and can seamlessly integrate with other Salesforce e-commerce solutions to enhance B2B e-commerce capabilities. It can also be integrated with the other Salesforce-native solutions such as Salesforce membership management app and live on the same site whether a Salesforce customer portal, PRM site, member portal or online community.

    Can I customize the recurring order schedule with AC B2B Commerce Recurring Orders?

    Yes, with AC B2B Recurring Orders, you can customize the recurring order schedule to fit your business needs. You can set the frequency of the recurring orders, adjust the start and end dates, and skip specific dates if needed. The app offers a high degree of flexibility, so you can create a schedule that works best for your business and your B2B customers.

    Can I easily edit or cancel a recurring order with AC B2B Commerce Recurring Orders?

    Yes, with AC B2B Recurring Orders, you can easily manage and edit your recurring orders. You can make changes to the order frequency, payment method, and product quantity. You can also cancel a recurring order at any time with just a few clicks.