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AC Job Board is a Salesforce-native app designed for charitable and nonprofit teams that use Salesforce for HR and recruiting process. It allows them to create a social-impact job board to post job listings, internships, and volunteer opportunities on their Experience Cloud site. The app helps in recruiting, hiring, and retaining top talent in the sector, aligning perfectly with the organization’s values and goals. AC Job Board is a part of our ultimate solution for nonprofits and membership organizations – AC MemberSmart.

AC Job Board Features

AC Job Board is a part of our ultimate solution for nonprofits and membership organizations – AC MemberSmart, membership management software for Experience Cloud.
Share your jobs on your site
Place your own job offers and open vacancies to find candidates right on your Experience Cloud site. Include crucial job details like responsibilities, benefits, salary, location, required employee experience, company logo, etc. Add attachments and other important files when needed.
Job applications with CV
Allow applicants to attach their CVs and cover letters so that the recruiting team can ensure they find the employee experience and personality they are looking for and make the right decisions. The app supports the following file formats: PDF, RTF, JPG, and PNG.
Flexible custom filters
Vacancies can be filtered by industry, employee experience, type, salary, expertise level, and other parameters. You can also adjust filtering options and add custom fields to the fieldsets to help users find exactly what they need. 
User-created jobs
By using our Salesforce recruiting app, you can empower users to create jobs on your Salesforce community portal site. Grant designated users or groups permission to create job listings and volunteer opportunities directly on the Experience Cloud site.
Applications management
All applications are stored inside Salesforce. With our Salesforce recruitment software you can monitor applications for a specific vacancy and learn an applicant’s data, CVs, cover letters, and contact details to choose the talent with just the right skills, employee experience, and personality.
Flexible customization
Drag and drop AC Job Board components and configure them to customize the Job Detail page. Configure appropriate permissions and settings. Allow displaying the “Show Upload Attachments” button and set the number of positions displayed on one page.
Convenient search
Members can use the search bar to find vacancies by title, location, and relevance and apply for jobs appropriate to them. A convenient search feature makes finding jobs on your Experience Cloud site quicker and easier.
Easy and transparent flow
The app provides a simple, user-friendly, and intuitive design, making the search and application process easier for applicants, ensuring a pleasant interaction with your site and a better user experience. This efficiency benefits everyone involved.

AC Job Board Top Benefits

Streamlined recruitment process

Benefit from Salesforce automated workflows to convert tedious manual tasks into automated processes, saving valuable time and effort in recruiting new employees. Manage all recruitment-related tasks, from posting job listings to tracking applicants, directly from your Experience Cloud site.

Effective candidate management

Equip your recruiters with a dedicated portal featuring an advanced hiring system powered by our Salesforce for recruiting app. Here, they can manage all job-related tasks, including publishing opportunities and offers, providing updates, gathering applications, analyzing employees data, and more.

HR job portal

Use Experience Cloud solution to create a multifunctional, easily customizable Salesforce for HR site for all your recruitment purposes. Enhance functionality of your Experience Cloud site by integrating third-party components like AC Job Board to meet specific talent acquisitions needs of your entire organization.

Who Is It For?


When it comes to hiring, nonprofit organizations often face unique recruitment challenges, such as limited budgets and the need to attract passionate volunteers. Our app streamlines the recruitment process by providing tools to post job listings, internships, and volunteer opportunities directly on the Salesforce platform, saving time and resources.


Associations often rely on volunteerism and member involvement to thrive. Our Salesforce for recruiting app helps associations attract and retain members by providing a platform to advertise volunteer opportunities, committee positions, and job openings within the association or affiliated organizations.

Educational institutions

Educational institutions, such as universities and colleges, can use AC Job Board to manage their hiring process for faculty and staff positions. The app’s integration with Salesforce makes it easy to track applicant information and collaborate with other members of the hiring team.
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    How does the AC recruitment solution AC Job Board help with candidate management?

    AC Job Board helps with candidate management by allowing organizations that use Salesforce Experience Cloud to easily create and manage the hiring board, job postings, accept applications, and store candidate information in one central location. Employers can review resumes, cover letters, and other attachments submitted by candidates to find the best for their company. The app can also be use for Salesforce membership management.

    Can AC Job Board hiring app help with onboarding new hires?

    AC Job Board is primarily designed for job postings and managing the candidate selection process. While it does not have specific onboarding functionality, it can be integrated with other Salesforce tools to help with the onboarding process.

    How does the AC Job Board ensure data security and privacy for HR data?

    AC Job Board recruiting app is built on, which ensures all HR data is securely protected by Salesforce. Additionally, Salesforce allows organizations to set up role-based access control and data encryption to further protect sensitive HR data.

    Is there a limit to the number of job postings that can be created with AC Job Board?

    The number of job postings that can be created with AC Job Board may vary depending on the version of the application and recent updates. Please contact us to check for specific details on version limitations. It’s worth noting that AC Job Board is part of our ultimate solution for membership organizations – AC MemberSmart.

    What types of file formats are supported by AC Job Board for uploading resumes and cover letters?

    The AC Job Board app supports the following file formats: PDF, RTX, JPG, PNG.

    Can you use Salesforce for HR?

    Salesforce offers a range of solutions that can be utilized for HR purposes to find new employees. While Salesforce is commonly known for its customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities, it also provides tools and features tailored for human resources management. These HR solutions are typically part of the Salesforce Platform and can be customized to meet the specific needs of an organization’s HR processes.

    You can use the platform for Salesforce HR case management.

    Can you use Salesforce for recruitment?

    Salesforce can serve as a centralized system for managing job openings, applicants, and the hiring process. Custom objects and fields can be created to track candidate information, application status, and interview schedules. Salesforce provides a flexible and scalable platform for managing recruitment processes, enabling organizations to streamline workflows, improve collaboration, and make data-driven hiring decisions.