How Can Salesforce Experience Cloud Help You to Grow Your Business?

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For all businesses, there is often a moment in their development process when they reach a certain point and get stuck. This very moment can be crucial for business growth. If you are decisive enough to turn this stagnation into something bigger and more powerful. It’s time for fresh ideas as well as new approaches, or directions. 

One of the most effective ways to transform your business and take it to another level is digitalization. This helps in optimizing all work processes, creating a modern, handy environment for communication with partners, as well as significantly improving your customers’ experience. At this point, Salesforce Experience Cloud becomes invaluable. 

What is Salesforce Experience Cloud All About?

Experience Cloud is a part of the Salesforce platform that allows you to create various digital experiences without code. What kind of experiences can you create? 

Basically, all you need, such as a partner, member, volunteer, or student portal, an online store, a customer community, a help center, and many other variations specific to your organization, which can be done in Experience Cloud on the Salesforce platform. 

It’s like a site builder with a bunch of different templates, page layouts, and prebuilt components. So, it’s easy to pick the right template for your business, find the appropriate components, then drag-and-drop them to the page according to your preferences. 

Why Salesforce Experience Cloud Might Be a Perfect Cloud Platform for Your Business?

The Salesforce platform gives you many more possibilities in comparison to other CRM systems. Its functionality is much wider in scope than just storing data about your customers, their orders, or support cases. Let’s see some of its benefits in more detail.

Benefits of Salesforce Experience Cloud


With Experience Cloud, you can create a branded site for any purpose. It’s very flexible, allowing you to implement any design according to your company branding, add different pages with news, events, groups, articles, etc., and place components on the page as you want with only a few clicks. 

All Data in One Place

All data about your partners and clients are stored directly in Salesforce so you can easily access it at any time, when needed, keeping things in order. Furthermore, all information collected from your site (for example data that users enter in forms on your site ), is also stored inside Salesforce. 


One of the most outstanding Experience Cloud benefits is personalization. You can set up a system where a personalized site view will be displayed to each group of users. How is this possible? 

By dividing all of your users into groups based on any criteria (location, role, partner status, etc.), you then build different page layouts for each of them and set up which group will see what page using the personalization feature. 


Salesforce provides world-class security so you don’t need to worry about your important data being stolen. Only authorized users have access to the information. 

Also, thanks to the built-in security settings (permission sets, sharing rules, profiles), share with users only the information relevant to them and hide fields they shouldn’t see.

Experience Cloud Features & Capabilities

  • With Experience Cloud, build communications with whether customers, partners, members, or employees. Salesforce provides a wide range of functionality within its own components (Experience Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, etc.) which are easily integrated with any other third-party solution to supply your users with all the information and features they need. 
  • One more great thing about Experience Cloud is being able to improve your content performance using Salesforce CMS (Content Management System), which recently became absolutely free. So, now you can manage your content creation, planning, and delivery in one place with no need to pay any extra money. Distribute valuable content across different channels easily using all the advantages of this comprehensive tool.
  • Experience Cloud helps create a friendly environment for communication between customers using its built-in Chatter and Groups functionality. People can create discussions in Chatter, join groups according to their interests, as well as discuss products and services – all possibilities for successful customer interaction provided out of the box.

What is an Experience Cloud Site and What Can You Do With It?

As mentioned, with Experience Cloud you can build Experience Sites of any complexity, form, design, and content. Experience Builder is a tool that lets you select themes, colors, and fonts, create and delete pages, place components on pages, and make other customizations. Here are some examples of the kind of sites you can create. 

Membership Portal

Space where membership organizations can place all membership information, such as events, news, a page for member fees, job openings, etc. All members can have their own profile with contact information or other details, and find other members within the member directory.

Membership portal on Salesforce example

Support Portal

Create a site where customers will find the solution to issues they face by themselves. Build a knowledge base with answers to FAQs, how-to articles, or other educational content. This will free up valuable time for your support team as the number of cases created by users decreases.

Support portal on Salesforce example

Partner Portal

Building a portal for collaboration with partners helps to boost sales and improve your partner network. With Salesforce PRM, establish an onboarding process, easily find the right partner, share marketing assets, and much more.

Partner portal on Salesforce example

5 Ways Salesforce Experience Cloud Will Help You Grow Your Business

1. Increase Customer Engagement

With Experience Cloud, create a place where customers want to return again and again. With an interactive customer portal, make them feel like they are a part of the creation and decision-making process. 

Involve them in the ideation stage and encourage them to come up with ideas on how to make your products or services better. Set up a reward system that awards points for comments, votes, ideas, or feedback – a leaderboard will display the most active users and their score.

2. Boost Sales

Enhance your organization’s sales with eCommerce integration, an exciting way to sell your products or services right on your Experience Cloud site. Using this functionality, make it very easy for customers to navigate, select and buy your products. It is also handy for your employees to collect and proceed with orders.

3. Automation for Scaling

With Salesforce, automate almost all the time-consuming processes. By automating manual tasks, you can significantly increase the number of cases you handle, and orders you proceed with. 

Also, Experience Cloud helps you to manage events and simplify the registration process, track resources you offer for rent, streamline hiring processes, and many other aspects, depending on your business specific.

4. Analytics & Reports

Salesforce provides a bunch of different reports and dashboards, allowing you to keep track of all the important indicators and clearly seeing the full picture. 

Real-time metrics are very helpful in making the right decisions at the right time, which is crucial for consistent growth.

5. Flexible Design

In the modern world, the number of things we do on-the-go is growing every day. If your business isn’t digitized enough to be accessible by your users, wherever they are, your services might be in less demand. 

That is why it’s so important for every growing company to adapt to today’s reality. All digital experiences in Salesforce’s Experience Cloud are fully mobile optimized, allowing users to access your site, even on the road, via any device.

Hire a Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant to improve your digital strategy

Our company specializes in Salesforce Experience Cloud implementation and configuration. We also have a list of our custom components to help you extend the standard Salesforce functionality. 
We are experienced in building communities for companies of different sizes and industries. At Advanced Communities, our Salesforce Experience Cloud experts are always happy to help. Contact us if you have any questions or to book a demo!

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