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AC MemberSmart is a Salesforce membership management software designed to simplify the digitization process for member organizations and associations. It offers a single membership solution for membership communities on Experience Cloud to increase efficiency, transparency, and member engagement, while also addressing data protection, security, and reliability concerns. The app is customizable and flexible, making it a powerful addition to any organization or association looking to grow and scale. Give your members an easy-to-use, robust platform for events, networking, discussions, collaboration, asset sharing, and members engagement.

Technology for connecting people.

Transform your Experience Cloud member portal into a centralized hub for managing and organizing members’ data, communication, events, finances, job postings, fundraising, reporting, and many more. Boost efficiency, productivity, and member engagement with our association management software.
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AC MemberSmart Features


Extensive analytics

Use standard and custom dashboards and reports for a real-time comprehensive view of your organization’s metrics. Generate reports on data including popular events, shop orders, top revenue-generating events, and more. Make decisions with a thorough understanding of revenue and member activities.

Control engagement scoring

Use the Engagement Scores metric to measure how engaged your members are. Numbers looking a little low? Identify it and brainstorm ways to counteract it to raise the motivation of your members.

360-degree member view

AC MemberSmart stores your members’ activities in one secure place to give you an easy understanding of their level and type of engagement. Gain insight to the value of each member to your organization based on pure member data.

Continuous professional development

Easily create and manage training programs, track progress, and provide personalized learning experiences to ensure your association success. Create a calendar with events scheduled for a certain month, week, or day.

Payments and donations management

Simplify financial management of your association. Accept membership payments, subscriptions, and renewals, collect donations through the member portal, and track all revenue and fundraising sources – all in a single system.

Advanced Member Directory

Enable your members to search for associations or other members based on customizable filters, and the Google Maps integration makes it easy for them to locate like-minded professionals nearby.

Jobs Board

Connect your members with open positions and volunteer opportunities. Members can easily navigate to a dedicated page that organizes job postings by type, industry, and experience. They can also attach their CV or resume and add a cover letter to enhance their application. 

Events management & organization

The app supports both free and paid events, whether they’re simple or complex, one-day or multi-session. Members can easily browse through different types of events, including local and in-person events, and virtual events via Zoom.

E-commerce management

Create an online shop to allow your members to purchase products, services, merchandise, event tickets, or courses directly from your member portal. Generate additional income to reinvest into future programs and initiatives.

Who Is It For?


AC MemberSmart Salesforce membership management software can help associations of any size to better manage their members, simplify the membership renewal process, and offer value-added services to members


Nonprofit organizations can use AC MemberSmart to manage their members, donors, and volunteers, and run campaigns to raise awareness and funds.

Galleries and museums

Galleries and museums can use AC MemberSmart to manage their membership programs and ticket sales, from storing member information and tracking membership expiration dates to automating renewal reminders and sending event invitations or updates on new exhibits or programs.

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    What features are included with MemberSmart?

    • When we say “robust” and “holistic”, we mean it. With MemberSmart you get: Events, Ideas, Job Board, Member Directory, Organization Directory, Payments and Donations, Blog, Groups, Trainings, eCommerce, Subscription Management, and Member Portal

    Are there any additional fees for those features?

    • We don’t believe in tricky pricing models or hidden costs. All the above features are included

    How do I manage members?

    • AC MemberSmart provides a fully customizable dashboard that displays all data about your members (such as donations, event attendance, and more)

    How can I use Salesforce to manage memberships?

    You can use Salesforce to set up a custom association membership portal or community on Experience Cloud where members can manage their own profiles, renewals, and access resources. To make the most out of the Salesforce CRM for your member association, you should go for a Salesforce membership management software. Integrate it to your existing Salesforce Experience Cloud site to boost its out-of-the-box functionality to meet your specific goals.

    Can AC MemberSmart be integrated with other membership management systems?

    AC MemberSmart Salesforce membership management app is specifically designed to work with Salesforce, and it is not designed to integrate with other membership management systems. However, depending on the features and functionalities required, it may be possible to integrate AC MemberSmart with other third-party membership software or apps that work with Salesforce. It is recommended to consult with a Salesforce expert or the AC MemberSmart support team for further information.

    How can I track membership renewals and expirations with the AC MemberSmart?

    With AC MemberSmart, you can track membership renewals and expirations by setting up automated renewal reminders and notifications. The system can send notifications to members before their membership expires, reminding them to renew their membership. You can also track renewal and expiration dates through the Membership Dashboard and generate reports on membership status and trends. Additionally, you can customize the renewal process to fit your organization’s specific needs.

    Can AC MemberSmart member community software automate membership-related tasks, such as renewal reminders and payment processing?

    Yes, AC MemberSmart can automate memberships-related tasks such as renewal reminders and payment processing in Salesforce. The software has features like automated renewal reminders and an integrated payment gateway that streamline the membership management process and help organizations save time and increase efficiency.

    Can I use custom member management software AC MemberSmart to manage payments and revenue?

    Use AC MemberSmart as a revenue management software for your association. Accept payments and donations through the community member portal and track all revenue and fundraising sources in a single system. Additionally, you can sell products, services, merchandise, event tickets, or courses directly from the community member portal, generating additional income that can be reinvested into future programs and initiatives.

    Can Salesforce be used for membership?

    Yes, Salesforce can be used for managing memberships, although it may require customization or integration with other third-party software tools or solutions depending on the specific requirements of the membership management system. AC MemberSmart can be a good fit here.

    What is a membership management system?

    It is a platform designed to streamline the administration, communication, and engagement processes associated with managing memberships for organizations, clubs, associations, or other groups. It provides features and functionalities to help organizations efficiently manage memberships and programs, including member directories and database, subscription payments, event management, reporting & analytics, etc. Member management software often includes a grace period feature, enabling organizations to extend a predefined period beyond the membership end date during which members can still renew without any disruption in service. Membership management software may integrate Salesforce lead management functionalities, streamlining the process of converting potential leads into active members through automated lead tracking, nurturing, and conversion workflows.