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Bring your community together with a flexible and intuitive solution that automates your repetitive tasks and scales with you as you grow. Gain access to a wealth of membership features and benefits, from the join process and membership renewals to events, donations, directories, jobs, eCommerce, and recurring payments. With our flexible, simple, and intuitive membership management software, you get everything you need to run your membership program.

Our Services


Membership site development

Build engagement by offering access to exclusive member-only web pages, such as networking forums, groups, a job/volunteer board, or an event registration page. Customize your member portal to deliver personalized experiences.

Software implementation

Provide your members with a platform for events, networking, discussions, collaboration, asset sharing, and engagement using our customizable and flexible association management software, AC MemberSmart, on your Experience Cloud portal.

User Experience (UX) services

We create engaging sites. Employing a user-centric approach, we craft intuitive navigation, visually appealing designs, and personalized features, providing an exceptional user experience that keeps your members coming back for more.

Unique Benefits for You

Enhanced member engagement and retention
Leverage the Engagement Scores metric included in the AC MemberSmart app to measure how engaged your members are. Numbers looking a little low? Identify it and brainstorm ways to counteract it to raise the motivation of your members.
Membership Automation
Save time by automating repetitive membership tasks like renewal reminders, recurring subscription payments, and expiration notices. Send automatic email notifications or mass emails ensuring each prospect or member receives vital information, at the right time intervals.
Member profiles
With customizable membership profiles all member information is in one place including personal data, membership dues and recurring payments. Members make changes and update their personal contact information and membership data directly within the portal.
Built on and for Salesforce
Member data from the Experience Cloud portal is automatically synced with Salesforce, ensuring your member database is always up-to-date. Our association management software is built directly on, ensuring a 100% cloud solution with no additional integrations.
360 degree member view
Store member data in one place and get an easy understanding of their level and type of engagement. Gain insight to the value of each member to your organization based on pure data. Create custom fields to track any data you need, even admin-only fields for internal viewing only.
Powerful self-service features
With intuitive self-service tools, your members can easily update their information, register for events, make payments, and access resources independently allowing you to reduce your workload and streamline administrative tasks, focusing on strategic initiatives.
Central point for managing memberships
Manage and engage with your member communities, create targeted communication campaigns, share content, manage fundraising efforts, streamline event management – all in a centralized online platform empowered by our membership management software solution.
Membership financial administration
Accept membership payments, subscriptions, renewals, and donations through the portal. Track revenue and fundraising sources, all within a single, integrated membership management system empowered by AC MemberSmart.

Why Advanced Communities?

Expertise and experience

With years of experience in the industry, we bring deep expertise in developing and implementing membership solutions. Our team of professionals understands the intricacies of association management and can provide tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Customization and flexibility

We recognize that every association is unique, which is why our solutions are highly customizable. We work closely with you to understand your organization’s goals and tailor our solution to fit your exact needs.

Seamless integration

Our Salesforce membership management app AC MemberSmart is built directly on, ensuring a 100% cloud solution with no additional integrations.

User-centric design

We prioritize user experience and design intuitive interfaces that enhance engagement. Our solutions are built with a user-centric approach, making it easy for your members to navigate, access resources, and engage with your association.

Comprehensive features

Our apps offer a wide range of features that cover all aspects of nonprofit member management. From member onboarding and event organization to payment processing, analytics, and Salesforce donor management, our solutions provide a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline your operations.

Ongoing support

Our partnership does not end with implementation. We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your membership tracking system runs smoothly and efficiently. Our dedicated support team is readily available to address any queries or concerns that may arise.

Member Portals Case Studies

With our team of Salesforce Certified Experience Cloud consultants, we bring our expertise and years of experience to the table, helping our customers effectively manage and make the most out of the Salesforce Experience Cloud.
Cases: Nonprofits
The African American Alliance of CDFI CEOs (The Alliance)
slide image

The African American Alliance of CDFI CEOs (The Alliance) is a coalition of more than 80+ CEOs of Black-led Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), comprising loan funds, credit unions, venture capital firms, and nonprofit developers.

  • The Member Directory is a central point for all Alliance member profiles.
  • Members can access communities to connect with each other and obtain valuable information tailored to their interests.
  • Eligible members can apply for the Alliance’s open grant opportunities.
  • Сommunity members can track all group activity based on their feed and interests.
slide image

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