A collection of our products will help you to get more out of your Salesforce Service and Community Cloud

Our expertise in Salesforce and years of experience of creating and developing Customer and Partner Communities has provided us with an excellent understanding of the product and its most requested extra features as well as industry specific solutions that are not available out of the box. This has inspired us to create a large collection of components with smart new features that your business needs to use every day.

Top-rated Components for Service and Community Cloud

Advanced Communities’ products have been especially designed for Salesforce to increase user engagement and empower companies and organisations and to enable them to maximise the effectiveness of the interactions they have with their customers.

All of our top-rated Salesforce Community Cloud Products are quick and simple to install. Native to Salesforce, AC components extend ideas of how Community Cloud can work for your business and how our products can provide additional functionality to your community development and customer engagement.

Advanced Communities Solutions for Industries

Today as never before industries are striving to stay in touch with their customers and to improve their customers’ experience. What’s more, the evolution of consumer expectations requires companies and organisations to extend and perfect their interactions with their customers.

Working across functions, industries and locations, we have helped our customers to implement and improve their Salesforce CRM thus giving their business a competitive advantage and stronger customer relationships. Implementing our products has enabled these businesses to take their productivity to a whole new level!

Three industry-specific categories of solutions (Non-Profit, Higher Education and High Tech / IT industries), which Advanced Communities develop every day, empower our numerous customers to achieve a resounding success and to transform their business!

Being an official Salesforce AppExchange Partner, Advanced Communities provides its collection of free and paid products on the AppExchange.
The Advanced Communities team believes that our customer centric Salesforce products and services not only help organisations to add some missing features but also to transform their business and to take their user experience to the next level.