Flexible Pricing Feature in AC Events Enterprise

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We continue to create training content to introduce cool product features and show you how to use them. The previous video series was about AC Ideas Ultimate – an extensive app for innovation management to improve your products and services.  If you missed it, you could watch the entire playlist here

Today we’re starting a series of videos about our Event Management System – AC Events Enterprise

This set of videos consists of several parts.  First, we will speak about app functionality and introduce you to our client’s business and use cases. 

Today’s topic is dynamic pricing. You can set flexible event prices that will automatically adapt according to certain conditions with dynamic pricing. 

With dynamic prices, you can:

  • Have various pricing packages, for example, VIP or standard packages;
  • Have standard or VIP users;
  • Setup different functionalities for community members and non-community members;
  • Provide discounts. For instance, bring-a-friend promos or group discounts. 

So, let’s start with the event packages themselves.

Create Different Event Packages

You can see the detail page of a particular event below. In the related records section, you can create an unlimited number of event packages. For example, you can classify your packages by Standard or VIP categories. Each event package will have its price and capacity. So, you’ll be able to control package sales for a particular event. When registering, the potential attendees will see the list of available packages and their prices.

salesforce events package

Add “Early Bird” or “Last Chance” Discounts

You can create discounted packages based on the purchase time criteria. For instance, Early Bird packages that are selling at a certain time and have the sale start/end date & time fixed. Usually, they are cheaper because of the advanced payment. Another option – The last chance ticket package. In this case, you provide future attendees with the opportunity to buy tickets lastly listed for sale after the sales period is already closed. 

salesforce events package

Setup Group Pricing

In the screenshot below, you can see an example of the Standard package. In this case, we can define the ticket price depending on the number of attendees. The example package has three values: 

  • The ticket price for Group 1 of 2 attendees is 175£ per attendee;
  • The ticket price for Group 2 of 3 attendees is 160£ per attendee;
  • The ticket price for Group 3 of 4 attendees is 150£ per attendee. And so forth.

The guest users will get all this information during the registration. You can register one more attendee with the “Purchase for someone else” button. 

salesforce events

Add Vouchers

Vouchers are usually of two types: the ones granting a certain amount of money and the ones that give a percentage discount. For example, let’s say you have the system voucher for 100£. You can use it during the registration process and when the voucher is applied – the total ticket price drops by 100£. 

salesforce events registration

Assign Users to Bands

One more exciting thing to tell you about is Band pricing. In our app, we use the event band concept. What does it mean? It means we can create various bands of selected users and set the special ticket price for the particular band. 

Let’s go through the example. Let’s say we create a band for US users and a band for UA users. After assigning the bands to the clients, we set the special band price for UA users different from the prices for the US users. We can create a band price for each event package on the system. This option is available only for registered community members. If the community user decides to register for the paid event, he’ll get a special discounted price. 

salesforce events

Native to Salesforce automation tools and solutions empower the AC Event Enterprise app features. For example, you can turn on/off vouchers for particular events. Or, if you use custom payflow, you can set sophisticated logic for specific events, packages, users, etc. 

You can see how dynamic pricing in AC Events Enterprise works in the video below:

We hope you find this information interesting and valuable. If you have any questions or recommendations, please, leave them in the comment section. Thank you for following us!

AC Events Enterprise Updates

Despite the hard times that most of our team is going through, we continue to work on our products. And this time we’ve prepared major updates for our AC Events Enterprise, the most comprehensive app for event management on the Salesforce platform.

Let’s dive deeper and explore three new features that we’ve added to improve your experience!

Agenda Builder

Using this feature, registered event participants may register for the event session, select which sessions to attend, and download and print the attendance schedule to avoid missing any intriguing sessions during the event.

AC Events Enterprise Agenda

Event Budget & Event Expenses

You can define the budget by specific categories (catering, marketing, etc.). Then all these values will be gathered into the general event budget. 

You can also add separate expenses to the category. For example: bought bread -> catering -> 10$. Then these expenses will be grouped into categories and then to the general event expenses. So you can use this data to estimate the financial effectiveness of the event, ROI, CPA, Cost per Lead, and other values. 

Create Demo Event Button

Deploying Test Events With a Click on the Settings page

We made up this feature to simplify demo events creation. After you’ve installed the package it’s enough to just click the button on the Settings page and Zone, three events, different pricing packages, sponsors, speakers, tracks, sessions, and tabs for microsite will be created. Soon we’ll implement the ability to clone such events and change anything you need.

Event Budgets and Expenses

We keep improving our products and expanding the range of their functionality to provide you with the best solutions for your business.

Russian Aggression Against Ukraine

Dear partners and clients, we want to inform you about the current situation in our company due to the situation in Ukraine. Advanced Communities is a company with offices in the US, UK, and Ukraine.  And a large portion of our team is based in Ukraine. Early morning of February 24, they woke up from the loud explosions and relatives’ words: “Wake up! The war has started in Ukraine!”.  

The Russian Federation has launched a full-fledged military invasion of Ukraine territory. This is a real terrifying war and almost all Ukrainian cities such as Kyiv, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Kherson, Odesa, and others are bombed/shelled. Thousands of civil buildings and houses have been destroyed and we already have huge losses among the civilians.

Last night, Russian troops shelled the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, the biggest in Europe. The capture of this object is a threat to all humanity, and Ukrainians are trying to reach out to the international community to influence the aggressor.

Many individuals were forced to flee their homes and seek refuge in more secure Ukraine areas or flee to other countries. Yet, despite such adversity, Ukrainians are banding together and helping one another like never before. Our coworkers also pitch in and try their best to assist people in need. For example, the Ukrainian army has received a donation of $20.000 from Advanced Communities. Also, our colleagues have gathered and already donated over $11,000 to the Ukrainian military, while others are assisting refugees in Poland with accommodation and adaptation, and still, others are preparing situation reports for embassies around the world, the UN, and EU organizations, as well as collecting humanitarian aid for Ukraine’s encircled cities.

If you want to support Ukraine, here are the details of the official National Bank of Ukraine help account for the Ukrainian Army.

Advanced Communities Hosted a Webinar on Membership Management Using the Salesforce Platform

Dear friends,

Last week we conducted a webinar on membership management on the Salesforce platform.  We enjoyed sharing some tips with you on how to improve your membership management and digitalize it using the Salesforce platform and our AC MemberSmart app.   

Being one of the most significant trends, digitalization affects commercial and membership organizations nowadays and that creates lots of challenges and opportunities for them. Digitization is helping member organizations and associations to find new ways of being more effective in what they do, better understand their members, and offer more value in engaging with them in many ways. 

Highlights of the Webinar

Our guest from Salesforce Richard Waugh talked about the reasons why people pay for membership. There are certain points that Richard highlighted:

  • Benefits (Financial, Professional, Community)
  • Community (Social, Educational, Support)
  • Status Quo Bias (Existing, Prospective)
Webinar on Membership Management

It’s important to check if these aspects are covered in your organization and ask yourself some questions to define things you should add or improve.

Advanced Communities has lots of experience in implementing different projects for member organizations and during the webinar, our colleagues Lena and Marichka showed two of them: Bond UK and International Security Forum.

Bond is the UK network for organizations working in international development.

They connect a dynamic network of diverse civil society organizations to help eradicate global poverty, inequality, and injustice.  Now they unite over 400 organizations, ranging from small specialist charities to large international NGOs.

Salesforce Experience Site for Bond UK

International Security Forum is a global expert on information security and risk management that consists of some of the biggest companies and organizations in the world, from Bank of America, Citi Bank, and Barclays to TikTok, Microsoft, and Atlassian.

Salesforce Experience Site for ISF

Also, our colleague Dagmara has presented our brand new application that was built especially for member organizations – AC MemberSmart. This app takes into account specifics of the work of such organizations and covers all their needs.

AC MemberSmart app

If you missed our webinar for some reason or if you were registered for the USA webinar that didn’t take place – you can watch the video recording on our YouTube channel.  You’ll see Richard’s presentation, sites of our clients’ that we’ve built for them on the Experience Cloud platform, and the great functionalities of our AC MemberSmart solution.

Explanation About canceled Webinar for the USA

On February 24, there was supposed to be another webinar for the US audience, but we had to cancel it due to the emergency situation in Ukraine. The Russian Federation launched a full-fledged military invasion of Ukraine on February 24. We had to cancel the webinar since a large portion of our workforce is based in Ukraine. We regret to everyone who was looking forward to this event and ask for your patience.

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