Put your Recruitment Management to the Next Level with our new AC Job Board app.

The Job Board component from Advanced Communities is a convenient and helpful tool for the recruiting departments and HR teams on the Salesforce platform. It can be used by one customer aiming to share their job openings as well as serve as a platform to accommodate different vacancies from different companies. 

The flow is easy and transparent, it gives flexibility for the users who want to create a personalised experience for job seekers. It is good not only for those who want to publish their job openings but also for those who are looking for new opportunities. 

Let us take a closer look at the AC Job Board functionalities!

Post Jobs

Admins can add jobs by filling in the form inside Salesforce or on the Experience Cloud site. It is possible to add a detailed description of the vacancy and requirements, salary, location, information about your company, attachments and other details. In addition Partners or site users optionally can be allowed to add jobs from the site. 

Jobs on the site can be displayed in a List view or Title view. Users can filter vacancies by industries, needed experience, salary, location or any other parameters, as admin can customise the filter by adding or deleting any fields.

salesforce Job Board app

You can post actual Jobs positions and volunteer opportunities, so our app can be used for non-profit organisations to find volunteers for their projects. AC Job Board can also be used for the higher education sector so universities can help students find internships.

Apply for Job

If the user finds a suitable vacancy, he can apply for a position on the detail page. It is possible to attach the CV, cover letter and fill in the contact details.

salesforce Job Board app

Monitor Applications

All applications are stored inside Salesforce so admins can view candidates, choose those who fit better and contact them. You can find applications on the Related tab of the Vacancy or on the Job Applications separate tab.

salesforce Job Board app

AC Job Board is a fully native Salesforce application for company recruitment management and an excellent option for volunteer management in non-profit organisations. The software is now live on AppExchange, so you can give it a try right away!

Advanced Communities’ Achievements in 2021

Dear friends,

For Advanced Communities, 2021 has been a challenging and at the same time very productive year. We have broadened our experience and achieved many goals. As this year comes to an end, we would like to share the most important achievements for our team.

New People

28 skilled people joined us this year and it was a great gain for our team. We continue to grow to provide our customers with the best products and services.

New Products and Projects

We keep improving our existing products and creating new ones: AC Events Enterprise, AC Ideas Ultimate, AC Job Board, and AC Partner Co-Branding appeared on AppExchange this year.

We have also met many wonderful clients, like Bond, Vertex, Wesleyan Church, Guide Dogs, Mulesoft, International Security Forum, Matillion, Adobe, and VMware, and worked on exciting projects to help them construct and develop Experience Cloud sites that perfectly fit their needs.

Salesforce Recognition

Advanced Communities became Salesforce.org Impact Partner. It defines us as a reliable and qualified partner for non-profit organizations because we had experience working in this area with clients such as Greenpeace, Guide Dogs and other non-profits.


We always say that our team is proficient and experienced. Our employees confirm their qualifications and expertise by completing the Salesforce certifications.  As a result,  22 new certificates were completed this year, including Salesforce Administrator, Experience Cloud and Sales Cloud Consultant, Sharing and Visibility Designer, Platform Developer and Data Architecture and Management Designer.

First Webinar

Recently we hosted the Event Management for Non-Profits webinar and that was a fantastic experience for our team. We introduced our AC Events Enterprise app to the participants and on the use cases of Greenpeace and Bond demonstrated functionalities that can be used for non-profits and member organizations.

Thankful for 2021 for all our achievements and looking forward to reaching new heights in 2022. Thank you for choosing us!

Keep everyone updated. Email notifications on status changes, threshold, comments and official answers in AC Ideas Ultimate

Dear friends,

Today’s topic of our series of videos about AC Ideas Ultimate is notifications. We will talk about keeping your users updated about all news and interacting with them, as notifications are a great tool to increase user engagement on your Experience Cloud Site.

Who receives notifications?

There are notifications for site users and moderators:

  • Users receive notifications about what’s going on with ideas they subscribe to. We inform them about the status changes, new comments, answers, merge and soon we will implement the rewards functionality. 

Recently we implemented integration with Jira to our package. So now, if you’ve synchronised Ideas with Jira, whenever the Jira task’s status changes – the Idea’s status on the site updates online. Besides this, we use Chatter for Ideas to receive new comments, mentions, and questions to ideas’ authors in the Salesforce native application. 

  • Moderators track what happens with ideas on the site. They receive notifications about new ideas, flags and status changes.

Notifications Functionalities

  • Org-wide Address – on the Ideas Settings page, you can set up org-wide addresses so users can receive notifications directly from you or your company.
  • Notifications for multiple communities – it’s possible to set up different notifications for separate communities if you have several zones. For this, you need to activate the Enable notifications for multiple communities checkbox and set up appropriate templates so users in different communities will receive their direct notifications.
  • Auto-subscription – if you activate this setting, users who voted or commented on an idea automatically become this idea subscribers. Of course, users can manually subscribe to any idea as well. There is a Subscribe button on each idea on the site.
  • Easy navigation – all ideas subscribed by a user are stored separately in the Followed by me section and filtered as a separate item. It helps to easily track the progress of these ideas.
  • Moderators – you can assign different moderators for different categories on the Ideas Moderators tab. It can help you to distribute the workload among employees.

Email Templates

AC Ideas Ultimate package includes six notification templates (three for users and three for moderators). You can find them in the Classic Email Templates, they are stored in the AC Ideas Ultimate folder.

Moderators receive notifications about:

  • New ideas – so if the moderator is responsible for a specific category he will receive a notification immediately after a new idea was created in this category.
  • Flag notification – users can complain about ideas by flagging them, so the moderator will receive a notification when someone flags an idea.
  • Status Updates – moderators receive notifications when an idea gets a certain number of votes and changes its status.

Users receive notifications about:

  • Status changes – the user would receive notifications about status updates of ideas he subscribed to.
  • Official answers – for example, the product manager or another company representative can officially answer the idea. This answer appears on the detail page and the user receives a notification about this.
  • Merging ideas – users receive notifications when an idea is merged and now has another parent category.

Two more templates will be added here as we plan to implement rewards functionalities. Users and moderators will receive a notification when an idea has reached a certain status for which the user should be awarded.

We use a custom object in our package so you can create your flows with custom templates for email or push notifications. For example, you can inform users that very few votes are left for the idea to reach a certain status and stimulate them to keep developing this idea.

We hope this information was interesting and useful for you. Follow us on LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter to stay tuned for the latest news about Salesforce and Experience Cloud.

Event Management for Non-Profits on Salesforce

We live in a fast-changing world and the base of these changes accelerated in the last two years with a pandemic. That brings many challenges to any company. People spend a lot more time online on their smartphones and laptops as everything becomes digital.

At the same time, as a result of digitalisation, non-profits and member organisations have new opportunities to be more effective in what they do, to better understand their members, students, volunteers, and donors, to bring them value, and to engage with them in new ways than they previously had.

Events are one of the main ways of engaging with your members, volunteers and donors, that’s why the importance of event management can not be underestimated. From our experience, pretty much all of the member organisations and non-profits that we worked with do events in one way or the other. And we see much demand for quality event management software among big and small organisations using Salesforce.

AC Events Enterprise app is a great event management solution, 100% native to Salesforce, that helps you to engage with members, donors, volunteers or students using the Experience Cloud platform. 

Personalisation of event experience

AC Events Enterprise app

Our package allows you to personalize events for each member type. You can define which events your members will see based on any attribute of the users. For example, depending on the industry or membership type your members will see different events.  You can also differentiate ticket pricing based on the location or any other parameters you might need. Any customisations and adjustments could be made inside Salesforce and Experience Cloud environment. 

Benefits of the AC Events Enterprise App:

  • Use multiple ways of engaging with your audience through Online, In-person and Hybrid Events.
  • Get comprehensive data using Custom Reports and Dashboards.
  • Get everything you need for organising different types of Events.
  • Apply flexible Pricing Packages and get a more loyal audience.
  • Safe and reliable Payments integration.
  • Get more information on your attendees and provide them with better service using customisable Questionnaires.
  • Even more flexibility with member-hosted Events.
Benefits of the AC Events Enterprise App

Roadmap for Future Implementations

Our AC Events Enterprise package has multiple features to help different companies run and manage their events more effectively and provide users with an easy and intuitive environment to go through event registration and track the schedule of activities.

But the Advanced Communities team doesn’t want to stop improving our product and make it more convenient for you. We plan to integrate with FinDock which provides payment capabilities for non-profits (donations, fundraising) for Europe and the USA. We want to implement booking system in our package to run offline events more effectively. We also want to add a Session feedback feature so attendees can rate speakers and sessions and you will be able to analyse your events better and improve future activities. These and other delightful features are coming soon!

Recently, Advanced Communities hosted the “Event Management for Non-profits on Salesforce” webinar. Our team presented the AC Events Enterprise app and on the examples of the Bond and Greenpeace demonstrated opportunities that it opens up to member organisations and non-profits. You can watch the full webinar recording below:

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Volunteer Management on Salesforce: Empowering and engaging your volunteers on the world’s #1 CRM

June 27th, 2024 at 11:00 AM Eastern Time (ET) / 3:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)