Event Management for Non-Profits on Salesforce

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We live in a fast-changing world and the base of these changes accelerated in the last two years with a pandemic. That brings many challenges to any company. People spend a lot more time online on their smartphones and laptops as everything becomes digital.

At the same time, as a result of digitalisation, non-profits and member organisations have new opportunities to be more effective in what they do, to better understand their members, students, volunteers, and donors, to bring them value, and to engage with them in new ways than they previously had.

Events are one of the main ways of engaging with your members, volunteers and donors, that’s why the importance of event management can not be underestimated. From our experience, pretty much all of the member organisations and non-profits that we worked with do events in one way or the other. And we see much demand for quality event management software among big and small organisations using Salesforce.

AC Events Enterprise app is a great event management solution, 100% native to Salesforce, that helps you to engage with members, donors, volunteers or students using the Experience Cloud platform. 

Personalisation of event experience

AC Events Enterprise app

Our package allows you to personalize events for each member type. You can define which events your members will see based on any attribute of the users. For example, depending on the industry or membership type your members will see different events.  You can also differentiate ticket pricing based on the location or any other parameters you might need. Any customisations and adjustments could be made inside Salesforce and Experience Cloud environment. 

Benefits of the AC Events Enterprise App:

  • Use multiple ways of engaging with your audience through Online, In-person and Hybrid Events.
  • Get comprehensive data using Custom Reports and Dashboards.
  • Get everything you need for organising different types of Events.
  • Apply flexible Pricing Packages and get a more loyal audience.
  • Safe and reliable Payments integration.
  • Get more information on your attendees and provide them with better service using customisable Questionnaires.
  • Even more flexibility with member-hosted Events.
Benefits of the AC Events Enterprise App

Roadmap for Future Implementations

Our AC Events Enterprise package has multiple features to help different companies run and manage their events more effectively and provide users with an easy and intuitive environment to go through event registration and track the schedule of activities.

But the Advanced Communities team doesn’t want to stop improving our product and make it more convenient for you. We plan to integrate with FinDock which provides payment capabilities for non-profits (donations, fundraising) for Europe and the USA. We want to implement booking system in our package to run offline events more effectively. We also want to add a Session feedback feature so attendees can rate speakers and sessions and you will be able to analyse your events better and improve future activities. These and other delightful features are coming soon!

Recently, Advanced Communities hosted the “Event Management for Non-profits on Salesforce” webinar. Our team presented the AC Events Enterprise app and on the examples of the Bond and Greenpeace demonstrated opportunities that it opens up to member organisations and non-profits. You can watch the full webinar recording below:

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