Experience Cloud As a Way of Digital Transformation
Salesforce Experience Cloud as a Tool for Digital Transformation

Technological progress is advancing at a rapid pace, impacting our lives on a professional and personal level. We are constantly...

5 min read
Why Should You Migrate to Salesforce CRM?
Why Should You Move Your Data to Salesforce from Other CRM Platforms?

Why Should You Migrate to Salesforce CRM and How Can Advanced Communities Help You With It?

5 min read
The Salesforce Content Management System (CMS) is Now Free!

The Salesforce Content Management System (CMS) is Now Free!

5 min read
Top 3 Features of Salesforce’s Winter ’23 Release for Experience Cloud

Salesforce’s Winter ’23 Release will be arriving on your org soon! Advanced Communities is here, as always, to share an...

5 min read
What Is AppExchange?

AppExchange is a marketplace offering solutions, such as apps, components, and consulting services. To make your own solution publicly available...

5 min read
Effective Management of Residential Rents and Voids in Salesforce with AC Housing

AC Housing is an intuitive solution that empowers you with a wide range of tools needed for successful housing management and provides a 360-degree view of properties and tenants, rent accounting, voids and arrears management, and much more.

3 min read
Salesforce Event Applications: The Ultimate Comparison

If you're in charge of organizing events for your company, you're aware of the frequent issues and mistakes that will inevitably arise. That is why having the correct tools on your side is critical. In this article we will overview the most popular EMS with their benefits and disadvantages.

7 min read
Salesforce Summer 22: Top Features for Experience Cloud Review – Advanced Communities

We always keep you up to date with every Salesforce Release and Summer 22 isn’t an exception. Salesforce published Release Notes on Summer 22 Release this week and we are ready to take you through its most exciting features. Let’s see what's new in this release!

7 min read
Advanced Communities Hosted a Webinar on Membership Management Using the Salesforce Platform

Last week we conducted a webinar on membership management on the Salesforce platform.  We enjoyed sharing some tips with you on how to improve your membership management and digitalize it using the Salesforce platform and our AC MemberSmart app. 

5 min read
Your Quick Guide to Salesforce Knowledge

We've prepared an extensive guide that can help you to understand more deeply what Salesforce Knowledge is. It's a must-read for all who are planning or already using Knowledge base in Salesforce.

10 min read

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