Significant New Updates to AC Events Enterprise

We’ve implemented an impressive list of new features to provide you with even more flexibility and convenience while managing your events. It’s a MAJOR update where we took your wishes into account and significantly extended the functionality of the AC Events Enterprise app. Let's take a closer look!

5 min read
Free Ideas Limitation

Dear AC Ideas Free users, Thank you for using the AC Ideas Free edition. We hope you enjoy our free...

5 min read
Great Features of the AC Knowledge Management Enterprise

Learn more about the most interesting features of the AC Knowledge Management Enterprise.

2 min read
Effective Management of Residential Rents and Voids in Salesforce with AC Housing

AC Housing is an intuitive solution that empowers you with a wide range of tools needed for successful housing management and provides a 360-degree view of properties and tenants, rent accounting, voids and arrears management, and much more.

3 min read
Salesforce Event Applications: The Ultimate Comparison

If you're in charge of organizing events for your company, you're aware of the frequent issues and mistakes that will inevitably arise. That is why having the correct tools on your side is critical. In this article we will overview the most popular EMS with their benefits and disadvantages.

7 min read
Flexible Pricing Feature in AC Events Enterprise

We continue to create training content to introduce cool product features and show you how to use them. Today we're starting a series of videos about our Event Management System - AC Events Enterprise. 

5 min read
AC Events Enterprise Updates

This time we’ve prepared major updates for our AC Events Enterprise, the most comprehensive app for event management on the Salesforce platform.

5 min read
Advanced Communities Hosted a Webinar on Membership Management Using the Salesforce Platform

Last week we conducted a webinar on membership management on the Salesforce platform.  We enjoyed sharing some tips with you on how to improve your membership management and digitalize it using the Salesforce platform and our AC MemberSmart app. 

5 min read
AC MemberSmart – Comprehensive Solution for Member Organizations and Associations

AC MemberSmart is a comprehensive package for membership and association management. Native to Salesforce, customizable and flexible, the app lets member organizations and associations easily work and manage members, track their activities, provide more value along with enabling growth and scaling.

5 min read
New AC B2B Commerce Recurring Order App!

The AC B2B Commerce Recurring Order is an extension to Salesforce B2B Commerce functionality that allows B2B Customers to develop more consistent and predictable buying patterns for their business buyers.

5 min read

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