AC Partner Marketplace Major Update

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In our relentless pursuit of excellence, the Advanced Communities team is excited to present the latest update of the AC Partner Marketplace app. Our commitment to delivering the best possible solutions to our valued customers is unwavering, and this update stands as a testament to that dedication. Packed with great new features designed with your success in mind, we are happy to showcase how these enhancements will elevate your partner relationship management on Salesforce with the AC Partner Marketplace. 

Get ready for the upgrade

On September 15, 2023 we upgraded the AC Partner Marketplace on every sandbox.

If you have any issues with the latest version please reach out to support.

[Note block: We remind you that if no major issues on sandboxes are found, we will upgrade production orgs on September 29, 2023.]


We remind you that if no major issues on sandboxes are found, we will upgrade production orgs on September 29, 2023.

New features & updates

We consider this release a major one as we’ve elevated the existing sorting and search functionalities while introducing fresh components tailored for both internal and external purposes. Additionally, we’ve dedicated efforts to refine and improve our existing features, enabling you to maximize your Salesforce PRM outcomes.

Upload app logos internally

A solution for admins: the ability to upload app logos seamlessly within the internal environment. We’ve developed a component that flaunts a button for a picture uploads. Once uploaded, the app logo becomes instantly visible to administrators, offering an immediate preview of their changes. A property on the component allows admins to specify the community where the logo must be shared.

Sorting functionality enhancements

Get unprecedented control over sorting options from the General Settings. The sorting options you define in the settings will appear on the community components, giving you the choice to select your preferred sorting method.

  • Partner sorting options

To find this setting go to the AC Partner Marketplace settings tab – General Settings – Partner Sorting Options. A new multi-picklist empowers you to customize your view of partner listings. Choose from any fields within the Account Brand fields and select between ascending (↑) and descending (↓) values. The default selections include Name ↑, Name ↓, Level ↓, and Rating Average ↓.

  • App sorting options

To access this setting navigate to the AC Partner Marketplace settings tab – General Settings – App Sorting Options. Similarly, the App Sorting Options multi-picklist allows you to fine-tune how you sort application listings. Select from Partner App fields, with each field offering both ascending and descending options. The default choices comprise Name ↑, Name ↓, Created Date ↑, Created Date ↓, and Rating Average ↓.

Enhancements to the advanced search functionality with filters 

We have improved the logic to ensure that the use of text search integrates with filter counts and allows you to navigate through your search results without disruptions. Now you have the ability to determine the fields through which the live search should perform its search. To see new settings go to the AC Partner Marketplace settings tab – General settings:

  • Partner Live Search Fieldset

Empower your Partner search with this customizable fieldset. Designed for the Account Brand object, this fieldset includes Name and CompanyName fields by default. Add more fields if needed and select desired options.

  • App Live Search Fieldset

Tailor your App search with this customizable fieldset. Designed for the Partner App object, this fieldset includes the Name field by default. Add more fields if needed and select desired options.

New My Listings component

We’ve developed the AC App Listing component for your partner portal that serves to enhance partners’ visibility and control over their app listings while contributing to a more personalized and intuitive community experience on Salesforce. Administrators can easily integrate the component into the Account Management or Account Details page.

The Published indicator was added to the partner apps

This feature provides Partners with a clear and convenient way to identify the publication status of their apps. The Published status Indicator is visible to Owners of the app.

New Ratings and Reviews component

The component provides an overview of user feedback and ratings, enriching both the app detail and brand detail pages. Stay informed about the level of engagement by seeing the total number of reviews received and the 1 to 5 star rating breakdown. 

PRM with AC Partner Marketplace: Enhancing Partner Relations and Lead Generation

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Minor enhancements

  1. User data autofill for contact forms. When a registered user opens a contact form to get in touch with a partner, their relevant data will be seamlessly populated into the form fields.
  2. Character count for enhanced review submissions. Now, when you share your thoughts and feedback, you’ll have a clear view of how many characters remain, enhancing your ability to craft detailed and impactful comments.
  3. Minor design improvements. We’ve fine-tuned certain elements of the user flow to optimize the way you interact with the product. 


As you explore these new features and software updates, we invite you to consider how they can impact your PRM and elevate interactions within the AC Partner Marketplace. Your feedback and insights are invaluable as we continue to refine and improve our product.

Thank you for choosing Advanced Communities as your partner in creating exceptional communities. Stay tuned for more innovations and useful information about Salesforce Experience Cloud.

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