Advanced Communities’ Achievements in 2021

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Dear friends,

For Advanced Communities, 2021 has been a challenging and at the same time very productive year. We have broadened our experience and achieved many goals. As this year comes to an end, we would like to share the most important achievements for our team.

New People

28 skilled people joined us this year and it was a great gain for our team. We continue to grow to provide our customers with the best products and services.

New Products and Projects

We keep improving our existing products and creating new ones: AC Events Enterprise, AC Ideas Ultimate, AC Job Board, and AC Partner Co-Branding appeared on AppExchange this year.

We have also met many wonderful clients, like Bond, Vertex, Wesleyan Church, Guide Dogs, Mulesoft, International Security Forum, Matillion, Adobe, and VMware, and worked on exciting projects to help them construct and develop Experience Cloud sites that perfectly fit their needs.

Salesforce Recognition

Advanced Communities became Impact Partner. It defines us as a reliable and qualified partner for non-profit organizations because we had experience working in this area with clients such as Greenpeace, Guide Dogs and other non-profits.


We always say that our team is proficient and experienced. Our employees confirm their qualifications and expertise by completing the Salesforce certifications.  As a result,  22 new certificates were completed this year, including Salesforce Administrator, Experience Cloud and Sales Cloud Consultant, Sharing and Visibility Designer, Platform Developer and Data Architecture and Management Designer.

First Webinar

Recently we hosted the Event Management for Non-Profits webinar and that was a fantastic experience for our team. We introduced our AC Events Enterprise app to the participants and on the use cases of Greenpeace and Bond demonstrated functionalities that can be used for non-profits and member organizations.

Thankful for 2021 for all our achievements and looking forward to reaching new heights in 2022. Thank you for choosing us!

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