Salesforce presents Journey Builder and Active Audiences

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The core audience of Salesforce  is salespeople – those who have helped Benioff to get over $6 billion revenue for one year.

Besides salespeople, Salesforce clearly states that marketers are extremely important for the company. At the Connections conference in NY, the company announced about a new product which will strengthen the connection between them.

This product is a Journey Builder, which has a clearly defined purpose – to produce more consistent customer experience by making sales and service cloud insights accessible to marketers. With the help of new Journey Builder, marketers will be able to track their customers journey through their activity in other store departments. Year after year, with every new product, Salesforce platform becomes easier to use for marketers and their highly targeted campaigns.

According to VP of product marketing (Salesforce Cloud), G. Evans, the company is going to help its clients to use data for better management of interactions with customers.

The interesting trick in using Journey Builder is that marketers have to cooperate with their counterparts in other business units. For example, using email service for a marketing campaign, marketers will have to work closely with service representatives.

In the future Salesforce is planning to exclude marketing component from Journey product at all. The product might be used by companies to control new hires and their ability to sell products.

Another new product presented by Salesforce is Active Audiences. Active Audiences advertises better through campaigns with the use of live CRM data. The product allows to change data and marketing campaign details in real time – right after a list of customers or leads has been changed.

These new products of Salesforce made to lighten marketers’ work – advertise more through social media and Salesforce itself.

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