Financial services, Capital Markets sector
London, UK
51-200 employees

Marlborough is a UK-based investment management company with over 30 years of experience in the capital markets industry. As a prominent independent investment manager in the UK, Marlborough offers a diverse range of investment funds to both individual and institutional investors. The company’s investment approach is focused on active management of its portfolios to deliver strong long-term returns for its clients. With a reputation for excellence in investment management, Marlborough has become a trusted partner for investors seeking to grow their wealth through well-managed investment opportunities.

Project Objectives

The Marlborough company wanted to create a support portal that aligns with their main website for their subsidiary, Select Platform. The goal was to provide a complementary resource for their existing Select Platform website, allowing financial advisors, wealth managers, and other intermediaries who work with investors to access a range of investment products, including those managed by Marlborough. The new support portal would serve as a comprehensive tool for these professionals to access information, resources, and services that would enable them to better serve their clients and enhance their investment strategies.


Advanced Communities has designed and developed a highly intuitive support portal on the Salesforce Experience Cloud from scratch. The portal offers a comprehensive set of features to help financial advisors and wealth managers access essential resources and information with ease. These features include live chat, video call functionality, report charts with statistics, a library of content resources, a flexible case creation functionality, and a dynamic “message of the day” feature.

Advanced Communities also provided a cost-effective solution for Marlborough by leveraging an out-of-the-box Salesforce Content Management System (CMS). This enabled Marlborough to easily manage and publish content, such as news and updates, without requiring technical expertise or additional development costs.

Benefits & Results

The collaboration between our team and Marlborough resulted in a highly successful solution that effectively met their specific needs and requirements. Marlborough experienced several key benefits from our collaboration, including:

● The company has a centralized support platform that empowers their financial advisors and wealth managers to resolve issues and receive the necessary support related to the investment products and services they offer with greater efficiency and convenience.

  • Marlborough

● Thanks to the user guide and training session provided by Advanced Communities, Marlborough team members are now able to modify page layouts, styling, and content, as well as add or remove sections and adjust photos and images directly within Salesforce Experience Builder or Salesforce CMS without needing to contact developers.

● The case creation functionality available on the support portal enables financial advisors to create cases and request support whenever they need it. It’s also possible to view the history of all cases created and collaborate with support agents on specific cases, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for resolving issues.

  • Marlborough

● By implementing charts and dashboards on the support portal, advisors and managers can easily access up-to-date reports and statistical information related to investments. This enables advisors to make informed decisions and stay on top of the latest investment trends, ultimately helping them provide higher-quality support to their clients.

  • Marlborough

● By using the ‘message of the day’ feature on the home page, Marlborough can offer a personalized and friendly welcome message that provides a helpful and engaging introduction to the platform. As a dynamic feature, it allows website managers to plan and schedule messages for specific date ranges in advance as well as view the history of all messages published. 

And here’s what Marlborough said about our performance:

“Our project was completed on time and within budget. Working with Advance Communities has been exceptional, their employees have been first class and it has been a rewarding experience, adding great value to final product. I highly recommend AC, who are an exceptional ambassador for Salesforce.”

Nick Bridge

Head of Service, Multi-Asset & Wealth Management | Marlborough


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