Elevate Member Satisfaction and Engagement with Salesforce & Advanced Communities

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Advanced Communities keeps hosting insightful and information-packed webinars this year. And so, we are ready to spill the beans on the latest webinar we carried out on April 4th, 2024.

Within 45 minutes, Nicole Adair (Principal Solution Engineer at Salesforce) and Rebekah Hunter (VP of Alliances at Advanced Communities) are canvassing Salesforce membership management satisfaction & engagement, and how organizations can augment them. Besides, we feature some designated AC MemberSmart functionalities that can help you achieve just that. 

Dig into this blog recap to find out all the details. Or dive deeper into the discussion with the full-length recording of the event available on our website’s Webinar page. The call is yours!

An Actual State of Membership Engagement 

As customers become more demanding these days, they put a premium on the (personalized) experiences they receive using a product or service. If we bring Salesforce membership management in this context, benefits, training, or enablement members get may be understood under “product”. 

The numbers speak for themselves: 86% of consumers claim their experiences are as important as a company’s product or service. Moreover, 73% of members agree technology is transforming membership organizations for the better. This is where AI enters the play. 

New Day for Customer Experience Salesforce Stats

Predictive, Generative, Autonomous & Agents, and Artificial General Intelligence – the 4 so-called “waves” of AI are now in the limelight. Much like other well-known corporations, Salesforce has started with the first one – Predictive (that is, how you perceive the data and ask questions). 

As of today, we are going toward the last stage – Artificial General Intelligence – where companies try to play around with practical applications of AI. However, consumer AI isn’t ready for business just yet. It’s not that simple. That is why 88% of IT leaders say they can’t meet AI demand safely. 

consumer AI Salesforce Stats

How does Salesforce support membership organizations?

As the primary objective of any business is to know your members and to be where they are, you have to listen, engage, and take action. Using Salesforce for membership management, you can empower your team to leverage a variety of tools to do their jobs the right way (to listen, engage, and take action for the sake of the members in your organization):

  • Workflows and Automations     
  • Collaboration
  • Agility (Clicks and Code)
  • Privacy Security Compliance
The Salesforce Advantage

Being on the market for over 25 years, Salesforce lets organizations take advantage of its modern CRM, Data, and AI capabilities. Simply put, the platform provides you with everything needed to develop a unified customer profile, where you can store and manage related info about new, community, existing, and inactive members under the same roof and be proactive in your further activities. 

Furthermore, you can create personalized membership journeys for different segments with the Salesforce stack. Sure thing, you can run and review related analytics to achieve better performance across your organization.  

AC MemberSmart — the ultimate solution for Salesforce membership management

AC MemberSmart

Being a 100% native-to-Salesforce solution for managing membership associations, Advanced Communities MemberSmart entails the following components and features:

  • Member portal
  • Event management
  • Subscription management 
  • Trainings 
  • Job Board
  • Donations & Payments…

And a lot more!

AC MemberSmart

see product details

Utilizing AC MemberSmart for member management 

AC MemberSmart is designed to simplify and automate the process of digitalization for membership associations on Experience Cloud. Thanks to its high customization options and flexibility, customer engagement and satisfaction are a reality. 

As you orchestrate membership management with AC MemberSmart, you can set up a bunch of useful specifications and functionalities within the process, such as:

  • Automated flows
  • Customizable banners (e.g. Become a Member)
  • Membership length 
  • Membership types
  • Payment methods 
  • Event Calendar
  • Directories  
  • Donations
  • Groups

You are welcome to watch the demo of the AC MemberSmart solution and the ways it can drive membership management in your organization. The demo is led by Rebekah Hunter and starts at 18:40 in the webinar recording.

Thank you for tuning in! 

This was a top-level webinar! We appreciate your interest in Advanced Communities and the events we deliver religiously. We do hope you’ve become well-versed in the AC membership management tool as well as the gigantic Salesforce potential within this context. 

See you on the next webinars coming our way and stay tuned. 

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