Dreamforce 2017 Top Seven Experience Cloud Announcements

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Dreamforce has come and gone, but it has brought an array of innovations, many of them related to Community Cloud. The Community Cloud keynote speech is now available on YouTube and we’ve produced our list of the seven most interesting innovations for you below.

The introduction of the Lightning Flow component is pushing the boundaries of what you can do with point-and-click customisation. Forms, questionnaires and step-by-step wizard processes can now be built natively on Salesforce. The results can be mapped to any custom or standard object and exposed through your community, enabling more engagement with your customers.

Another new and impressive feature, Einstein Answers, utilises the much talked about Einstein platform, bringing with it the latest artificial intelligence technology to help with answering customers’ questions and thus increasing case deflection and improving customer service.

One of the biggest announcements that really got us curious was mySalesforce (a new name for the Salesforce mobile app) to support Community. We’re not sure yet how it will work, but our best guess is that it would be a mobile wrapper for the Napili template.

Also introduced this year was Quip Integration. Quip – the Salesforce answer to Google Docs – is a team collaboration platform built around documents. It allows you to create and share documents in your Employee Community, Chatter and Salesforce, so your team can collaborate faster and more interactively with clients or partners.

And last, but not least, are two awesome new capabilities for Community Cloud, both introduced during Dreamforce. Dynamic Theming is for audience targeting. It allows you to control the look and feel of your community, based on who is accessing it.

Marketing Journeys is for Community Cloud and Marketing Cloud integration. You can build a personalised journey in your Community Cloud, using the Marketing Cloud as a part of your marketing campaign.

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