How Salesforce Einstein Will Influence Experience Cloud

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AI is here and it transforms the way we interact with technology and with each other. Still, many people do not realise how close AI is – in fact, it is a part of everyday life for many people. This is because the best AI is always invisible to its users.

AI works every time you ask Siri about something, or every time you search for items on eBay or Amazon. AI guides you to the best search results by the easiest path. When you see a list of suggested items based on what you have seen previously, it is also a result of AI work.

AI makes everything much easier. If it works well, we can see our favourite products on the top of the list, or movies we are likely to watch, or the most interesting people on social media based on our friends list.

Einstein is AI that will simplify Salesforce business processes. Einstein for Experience Cloud means that users will receive:

  • Recommended experts, Q&A, articles and topics related to customers’ interests
  • Automated service escalation, if immediate attention is needed
  • Newsfeed insights (tailoring content and highlighting the most relevant topics or questions)

Put simply, Einstein will provide customers with the best information faster than ever before and with a personalised customer experience.

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