Work with Multiple Products and Different Experience Sites with Ideas Categorisation

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Dear friends,

We’ve prepared another episode in our series of videos about our product AC Ideas Ultimate.

Today we want to talk about Ideas categorisation. We often hear the question “how can we collect ideas if we have several different products and communities and different business logic?”. We will now answer this question.

This is possible with AC Ideas Ultimate where you can set up a very flexible structure.

Ideas categorisation with AC Ideas Ultimate app

For example, your company has two different portals: one for customers and one for partners. Each portal has its own structure. 

The customers portal can contain two zones to display the different products for which you want to collect ideas.

For the partners portal, you can use separate zones for different business logic and collect bugs on one page and feature requests on the other.

Each zone can have its own categories hierarchy to separate ideas by different themes. There can be one-level or multi-level categorisation with parent and child categories.

On the Partner portal, you can collect bug reports on one page and feature requests that partners receive from their customers when selling the products on the other.

The bug report page has its own categorisation so partners can understand where to post ideas. It is possible to attach the screenshots with bugs to better understand the issue.

On the feature request page partners post ideas they get from the customers when selling your products and this page has another categorisation.

Inside Salesforce Ideation Manager can create zones, categories and set up categories hierarchy. When creating a zone he can choose in what portal this zone will be used. Each zone has its own logic regarding statuses, categories and notifications.

When creating a category he can define which zone this category belongs to. He can also define if this category will have a multi-level or one-level hierarchy. If you have multiple products it is a common practice to define top level categories as products and their subcategories as different areas of each product.

Ideation manager can easily switch between different zones in the LEX environment to manage categories, statuses and other items. AC Ideas Ultimate setup doesn’t take days, just a few hours typically is enough.

So if we come back to the question, is it possible to set up separate categorisation logic for different communities, zones or products? Then the answer is definitely yes.

It is quite easy, intuitive and clear for your partners, customers and employees.

We hope this video was useful for you. If you want to learn more about other functionalities – write your suggestions in the comments.

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