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Create B2B orders on behalf of your customers without leaving Salesforce

The AC Orderpad app is an easy-to-use solution for Experience Cloud designed to support B2B e-commerce businesses by enabling B2B sellers’ agents to create orders on behalf of their B2B customers internally in just a few clicks, without leaving Salesforce. With a user-friendly interface and customizable features, the AC Orderpad B2B e-commerce app streamlines the ordering process for businesses of all sizes.

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AC Orderpad Features


Customizable order flow

Customize and configure your checkout flow the way you like. AC Orderpad B2B e-commerce solution will work with any e-commerce flow you have configured in your org.

Easy order creation

Create orders quickly and with ease without leaving Salesforce using AC Orderpad B2B e-commerce software. With AC Orderpad, admins no longer need to order through the site, simplifying the ordering process. Orders can be easily created from Account or Contact records within Salesforce.

Centralized order information

Stay up-to-date on your recent purchases and improve efficiency with AC Orderpad. The app provides easy access to order information and enables users to track their shopping cart data, including order status, amounts, billing addresses, ordered dates, and more.

Quick reordering capability

Save time and automate your B2B sales with AC Orderpad’s Quick Reordering feature. Simply create a new order based on previous data, make any necessary edits, and send it for payment. With this streamlined feature, you can quickly and easily place repeat orders, reducing the time and effort required to manage your B2B orders.

Detailed order summaries

Monitor and track your online orders with ease enabling AC Orderpad’s Order Summaries feature in your B2B order portal. This feature provides detailed summaries for each order, allowing users to quickly access and analyze their order data in one convenient location.

Shopping cart tracking

Us AC Orderpad e-commerce B2B software to manage shopping carts internally and monitor all orders easily and fast. The app allows you to increase revenue by tracking abandoned carts and recovering them.
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Top Benefits of Salesforce for B2B E-commerce and How AC Orderpad Helps

Centralized data management

Salesforce provides a centralized platform for managing customer data, order history, and other critical business information. With AC Orderpad installed in your B2B ordering portal, you can easily access this data to streamline your order management and improve sales efficiency.

Real-time analytics

Salesforce provides real-time analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling businesses to track sales performance, customer behavior, and other key metrics. AC Orderpad provides detailed order summaries and shopping cart management features, allowing you to track your order data and identify areas for improvement.


Salesforce is highly scalable, making it an ideal platform for businesses of all sizes. AC Orderpad implemented in your B2B marketplace can help you scale your operations by streamlining order management processes and improving sales efficiency.

Who Is It For?

B2B e-commerce companies

Experience seamless order management and tracking with AC Orderpad. Designed to work within your e-commerce platform for B2B in the Experience Cloud, it streamlines the order management process and empowers B2B sellers’ agents to create orders on behalf of their customers internally with just a few clicks.

Sales teams

AC Orderpad streamlines the order management process, making it an ideal solution for sales teams. It provides centralized data management, detailed order summaries, and shopping cart management features, enabling sales teams to improve their overall operations.

Wholesale distributors and retailers

AC Orderpad is the best solution for wholesale distributors and retailers who want to streamline their B2B order management processes and improve their sales efficiency. It can also be useful for businesses that use Salesforce as their primary CRM system and want to integrate their B2B e-commerce system and sales operations on a centralized platform.
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Create Orders from Account or Contact Records
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    How do I set up eCommerce for B2B in Salesforce?

    Empower your customers with a dedicated B2B ordering site utilizing store templates and customizing them with Experience Builder. Using standard Lightning functionality, configure store settings, checkout, and payment. You can also define customer experiences such as search, carts, and checkouts. To import commerce data for accounts, products, price books, and entitlements, use a CSV file. Consult with a Salesforce expert or follow step-by-step guides provided by Salesforce to ensure a successful setup.

    How does AC Orderpad help streamline the order management process?

    AC Orderpad helps streamline the order management process by providing centralized data and shopping cart management features, as well as detailed order summaries. This enables businesses to manage and track their orders more efficiently, improve sales efficiency, and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, businesses can allow staff and sales reps to place orders on behalf of customers internally from the Contact or Account page in just a few clicks.

    Can AC Orderpad be used for B2B and B2C businesses?

    No, AC Orderpad can be used only by B2B businesses.

    How does AC Orderpad help with abandoned cart recovery?

    Utilize the AC Orderpad B2B e-commerce software to efficiently manage internal shopping carts and quickly monitor all orders. The application enables revenue growth by monitoring abandoned carts and recovering them.

    How does AC Orderpad help sales teams?

    AC Orderpad simplifies the process of managing orders, which makes it an excellent option for sales teams. Its features include centralized data management, comprehensive order summaries, and shopping cart management, all of which help sales teams enhance their overall efficiency.